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    Axion perturbation spectra in string cosmologies

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    We discuss the semi-classical perturbation spectra produced in the massless fields of the low energy string action in a pre big bang type scenario. Axion fields may possess an almost scale-invariant spectrum on large scales dependent upon the evolution of the dilaton and moduli fields to which they are coupled. As an example we calculate the spectra for three axion fields present in a truncated type IIB model and show that they are related with at least one of the fields having a scale-invariant or red perturbation spectrum. In the simplest pre big bang scenario this may be inconsistent with the observed isotropy of the microwave background. More generally, relations between the perturbation spectra in low energy string cosmologies reflect the symmetries of the theory.Comment: 9 pages, latex with epsf, 1 figure. Revised estimate of amplitude of density perturbations and extended discussion of possible conflict with isotropy of cosmic microwave background. To appear in Physics Letters

    The Insects of Treeholes of Northern Indiana With Special Reference to \u3ci\u3eMegaselia Scalaris\u3c/i\u3e (Diptera: Phoridae) and \u3ci\u3eSpilomyia Longicornis\u3c/i\u3e (Diptera: Syrphidae)

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    The aquatic insect community of treeholes in northern Indiana was surveyed from 1983-1986. Twenty-three species, representing three orders and nine families, were found. Megaselia scalaris (Diptera: Phoridae) was collected on several occasions from rotholes, the first member of this family from treeholes. Examination of puparia of Spilomyia longicornis (Diptera: Syrphidae) indicated that the larva of this species has been previously described, but incorrectly associated with the genus Xylata

    Implementing electronic theses at the University of Glasgow: Cultural challenges

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    Many UK university libraries are actively engaged in the process of introducing electronic theses to their institutions. This article describes the strategies that have been adopted by staff at Glasgow University Library in trying to implement electronic theses and the challenge that have been faced. The article concludes that a number of lessons have been learned from the experience and presents further strategies that have subsequently been developed. External developments, which may help speed up the transition to electronic theses, are also detailed

    Cumulative Exams (with a twist)

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    When first hearing about cumulative exams, students generally have a negative reaction – their impression is that cumulative exams are more difficult because knowledge has to be retained for longer periods of time.https://digitalscholarship.unlv.edu/btp_expo/1030/thumbnail.jp

    Creation Stories: Stanley Hauerwas, Same-Sex Marriage, and Narrative in Law and Theology

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    When I think about--members of my own staff who are incredibly committed, in monogamous relationships, same-sex relationships, who are raising kids together. When I think about--those soldiers or airmen or marines or--sailors who are out there fighting on my behalf--and yet, feel constrained, even now that Don't Ask, Don't Tell is gone, because--they're not able to--commit themselves in a marriage ... At a certain point, I've just concluded that--for me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that--I think same-sex couples should be able to get married. (1) President Barack Obama I INTRODUCTION On June 24, 2011 New York became the most recent, and largest, state in the United States to legalize same-sex marriage. (2) More recently, and perhaps importantly, President Obama announced his support for same-sex marriage, after a very public "evolution" on the subject. (3) Even more recently, the United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit held that the Defense of Marriage Act violated the Constitution. (4) Along with the recent decision by the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit denying a rehearing of its decision invalidating California's constitutional amendment outlawing same-sex marriage, a seismic shift has occurred in the gay marriage movement. (5) In some quarters, the successful push to legalize same-sex marriage is seen as the culmination of the movement for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) equality. (6) The success of the campaign to legalize same-sex marriage might be understood as the ratification of the LGBT equality movement's goal of making the lives of LGBT individuals less foreign to those within the larger political community. (7) The translation of LGBT lives to the larger public has been one of the most significant strategies of the mainstream LGBT equality movement. Advocates for LGBT equality have argued that eradicating prejudice against LGBT persons rests on the LGBT community's ability to undermine stereotypes of LGBT persons held by the straight community. (8) Narrative has been a central mechanism by which advocates of LGBT equality have sought to undermine stereotypes about LGBT people because of its capacity to draw others into participation in, and identification with, the LGBT community. (9) The turn to narrative is not unique to the movement for LGBT equality. In the areas of gender and race, proponents of progressive social reform have turned toward narrative as a way of providing a framework through which the experiences of "outsiders" might be understood by "insiders." (10) Advocates who have sought to highlight issues of racial and gender inequity have enlisted narratives through which the experiences of racial and gender hierarchies might be understood. (11) The commitment to narrative also represents an intellectual challenge to the capacity of abstract principles such as anti-discrimination, equality, or accommodation to embody the specificity of the experience of individuals who live without the presumptions that attend life as a male, as a white person, or as an able-bodied person. (12) Narrative challenges the capacity of legal or doctrinal categories to dislodge dominant, prejudicial perspectives and presumptions. (13) The recourse to narrative serves the twin goals of demonstrating the "outsider" status of certain identity categories and experiences, (14) and deploying the "outsider" perspective to undermine the dominant position of the "insider" perspective as it relates to the distribution of societal goods--including nonmaterial goods. (15) Within the academic community, the use of narrative had special significance in the work of a subgroup of progressive legal scholars, who had grown disillusioned by the limits of even transformative legal and social change. These scholars, whose work ranges across gender, (16) race, (17) and sexuality, (18) deploy narratives to call into question the success of commitments to formal equality in the contexts of race and gender.

    Chuck for delicate drills

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    Development of oil film technique to couple power between drive spindle and drill chuck for delicate drilling operations is discussed. Oil film permits application of sufficient pressure, but stops rotating when drill jams. Illustration of equipment is provided

    Enjoying Katmai

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    Katmai National Park has been part of the national park system since 1918, just two years after Congress created the National Park Service. Located about 300 miles southwest of Anchorage, Katmai’s attractions have evolved from the aftermath of an epic volcanic eruption to world-class fishing to the place to go to see brown bears catch salmon. These attractions have yet to attract the hordes of people who visit other national parks, and Katmai remains one of the least visited of the 59 national parks. The Park Service is responsible for managing Katmai consistent with the Organic Act’s dual goals of enjoyment and conservation. In practice, Katmai experiences much more conservation than enjoyment. The proposals to increase visitation to Katmai have failed because of a consensus that not all national parks are alike even though the law governing them is nearly the same. Katmai’s history of benign neglect by Congress and the courts demonstrates that the Park Service is capable of managing remote national parks in a manner that achieves the law’s goals while serving the public’s desires

    Humility and Environmental Law

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