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    The Mesozoic Echinodermata of the United States /

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    State Geologists: 1896-1917, Williamn Bullock Clark; 1918- E.B. Mathews.Mode of access: Internet

    Report on the highways of Maryland. In accordance with an act passed at the session of the General assembly of 1898. (Laws of Maryland 1898, chap. 454.)

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    Same material as that in Maryland Geological survey [Report] v. 3, except that the latter contains an appendix of 80 pages on the "Laws of Maryland relating to highways".Wm. Bullock Clark, state geologist.pt. I. Introduction, including an account of the organization of highway investigations by the Maryland Geological survey, by W. B. Clark.--pt. II. The relations of Maryland topography, climate and geology to highway construction, by W. B. Clark.--pt. III. Highway legislation in Maryland, and its influence on the economic development of the state, by St. G. L. Sioussat.--pt. IV. The present condition of Maryland highways, by A. N. Johnson.--pt. V. Construction and repair of roads, by A. N. Johnson.--pt. VI. Qualities of good road-metals, and the methods of testing them, by H. F. Reid.--pt. VII. The administration of roads, including the method and expense of road improvements, by H. F. Reid.--pt. VIII. The advantages of good roads, by H. F. Reid.Mode of access: Internet