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    Relations that affect satisfaction in home office

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    The COVID-19 pandemic forced the adoption of teleworking from home as an alternative to making operations viable for several companies, which implied adjustments in management models. Thus, this paper aims to identify the relationships among leadership styles (transactional and transformational), organizational climate, teleworker satisfaction, and manager incivility in the context of teleworking from home, in the short term and potentially on the long term. The quantitative research uses structural equation modeling estimated by partial least squares. The results show that both leadership styles and organizational climate positively impact teleworker satisfaction. Additionally, organizational climate partially mediates the relationships between leadership styles and teleworker satisfaction. However, the moderating effect of incivility is not confirmed. That contributes to the organization entirely or partially in a home office, a post-pandemic trend, or in new similar situations. The Theory of Adjustment highlights the relationship between the constructs studied in a virtual context, contributing to the field of people management studies