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    Lightening Global Types

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    Global session types prevent participants from waiting for never coming messages. Some interactions take place just for the purpose of informing receivers that some message will never arrive or the session is terminated. By decomposing a big global type into several light global types, one can avoid such kind of redundant interactions. Lightening global types gives us cleaner global types, which keep all necessary communications. This work proposes a framework which allows to easily decompose global types into light global types, preserving the interaction sequences of the original ones but for redundant interactions.Comment: In Proceedings PLACES 2014, arXiv:1406.331

    Models of Neutrino Masses and Mixing

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    Neutrino physics has entered an era of precision measurements. With these precise measurements, we may be able to distinguish different models that have been constructed to explain the small neutrino masses and the large mixing among them. In this talk, I review some of the existing theoretical models and their predictions for neutrino oscillations.Comment: Talk presented at the 2nd International Colliders to Cosmic Rays Conference (C2CR07), Lake Tahoe, CA, February 25 - March 1, 2007; 8 pages; 2 figure

    Binary Biometric Representation through Pairwise Adaptive Phase Quantization

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    Extracting binary strings from real-valued biometric templates is a fundamental step in template compression and protection systems, such as fuzzy commitment, fuzzy extractor, secure sketch, and helper data systems. Quantization and coding is the straightforward way to extract binary representations from arbitrary real-valued biometric modalities. In this paper, we propose a pairwise adaptive phase quantization (APQ) method, together with a long-short (LS) pairing strategy, which aims to maximize the overall detection rate. Experimental results on the FVC2000 fingerprint and the FRGC face database show reasonably good verification performances.\ud \u