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    An application of design of experiments approach to statistically model and optimize performance parameters of a single cylinder four-stroke diesel engine

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    This paper investigates the application of design of experiments to enhance the performance characteristics such as indicated thermal power and mechanical efficiency of a four-stroke diesel engine with single cylinder. The dependent response variables are examined by varying the independent variables namely engine speed from 1421 to 1435 rpm, load from 18 to 28 kg and fuel flow rate from 2.5 to 3 kg/h. The influence of the input parameters and their interactions on the response functions are quantified using mathematical models. Statistical analysis comprising of analysis of variance, residuals, Pareto and normal probability are used for validating the models and obtaining relevant parameters. Engine load is proved to be the most significant factor influencing the indicated thermal power while fuel flow rate considerably impacts the mechanical efficiency. The optimum settings of the input variables are determined to be engine speed of 1435 rpm, load 28 kg and fuel flow rate 2.5 kg/h. The indicated thermal power is maximized to 27.3025 kW whereas mechanical efficiency have been increased to 80.0775 percent with the optimum settings

    The Commodification of Domesticity and Scopophiliac Consumerism through YouTube Vlogs

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    The world is now experiencing a boom time of global capitalism that entirely is rooted in large-scale investments worldwide The word capital however is no more confined to the material or monetary category instead it has started analyzing cultural as well as social realities to find out new forms of profit-making investment sources Interestingly capitalism is nowadays devoted to dig out human interests and to present commodities according to those desires To understand this matter more clearly here few contents from YouTube are going to be analyzed to show how social scopophilia a pleasure principle has been targeted as a space for investment These contents are uploads of some women who share their daily life with the world around on which this study has launched a thorough qualitative analysis In order to find an answer to the question why the selected YouTubers have made their everyday life public and on the other hand why viewers get interested in others life this study has mainly focused on commodity culture of contemporary world that resultantly has brought into view how everything irrespective of their materiality and immateriality gets commodified To conclude the most determining factor behind the commodification of everyday domestic life has been a sort of scopophiliac consumerism that this particular study has earnestly attempted to establis

    Laser in surgical scar clearance: An update review.

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    AbstractScar formation is a consequence of wound healing that developed from damaged tissue either from physical injury or surgical incision. A hypertrophic scar develops due to an abnormal healing response to trauma. It might lead to serious functional and cosmetic disability. There are numerous methods mentioned in the literature to treat such scars but to date, no single method has been known to cure them. In this review, we focused on differences between various types of nonsurgical management of hypertrophic scar focusing on the indication, mechanism of action, and efficacy of the pulsed dye laser (PDL), fractional carbon dioxide laser (fCO2), Er‐YAG laser, and intense pulse light (IPL). The literature research included peer‐reviewed articles (clinical trials or scientific reviews) which were identified by searching electronic databases like PubMed till January 2021 and reference lists of respective articles. Only articles published in the English language were included

    Impact of Zinc Deficiency on Vibrio Cholerae Enterotoxin-stimulated Water and Electrolyte Transport in Animal Model

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    The effect of zinc deficiency on the function of the intestine to absorb water and electrolytes was studied in animal models, stimulated by Vibrio cholerae enterotoxin. Sprague-Dawley rats, used in the study, were divided into four groups: Zinc-deficient, ad libitum zinc-fed control, zinc weight-matched control, and zinc-deficient acutely-repleted. 14C-labelled polyethylene glycol solution was used for measuring the absorption capacity of the small intestine. Significantly lower absorption of water and sodium per cm of the intestine was observed in the zinc-deficient animals compared to the ad libitum zinc-fed control animals (p<0.01). An improved absorption capacity was equally observed in the zinc-deficient acutely-repleted animals and ad libitum zinc-fed control group. The zinc-deficient animals showed four times greater cholera toxin-induced net secretions of water and sodium compared to the ad libitum zinc-fed group (p<0.01), while a 40% reduction was observed in the zinc-deficient acutely-repleted group. The results suggest that zinc deficiency is associated with reduced absorption of water and electrolytes and increased secretion of the same stimulated by cholera toxin

    Possible link between stress-related factors and altered body composition in women with polycystic ovarian syndrome

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    Background: Stress is an invisible factor affecting modern day living and is strongly associated with many disease pathogenesis including polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) in women. PCOS is the most frequent endocrinological disorder that affects women of reproductive age, leading to metabolic dysfunction and body composition alterations. Salivary amylase and cortisol are major stress mediators that have been implicated in PCOS. However, their role in altering body composition in PCOS is yet to be deciphered. Aim: The present study aimed at understanding the relation between stress-associated factors and alterations in body composition among PCOS patients. Design: This study enrolled a total of 100 patients (PCOS) and 60 age-matched controls. The female patients were of ages between 13 and 30 years. Materials and Methods: Standard assay kits were used to evaluate the α-amylase activity and cortisol level in saliva. The participants were chosen on the basis of the Rotterdam American Society for Reproductive Medicine/European Society of Human Reproduction criteria. Saliva was collected from each participant as per the protocol of Salimetrics, USA. Statistical Analysis: Statistical analysis was performed using SPSS version 20 for Windows. The quantitative variables are described as mean ± standard deviation. P < 0.05 was considered significant. Results: Increased salivary cortisol level and α-amylase activity were seen in the PCOS population as compared to age-matched controls suggesting patients a sustained stress scenario in their system. Moreover, overweight PCOS participants reflected higher amylase activity than the lean patients participants. Pulse rate, body mass index (BMI), visceral adiposity, and waist-hip ratio (WHR) was considerably higher in the PCOS patients participants compared to controls. A significant correlation could be drawn between the α-amylase activity and BMI or WHR, respectively, among PCOS patients. These observations indicate a strong link between the stress marker and alterations in the body composition parameters of PCOS patients participants. Conclusion: Higher prevalence of stress in PCOS patients participants has a critical role in their altered body composition