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    Z_{12-I} Orbifold Compactification toward SUSY Standard Model

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    We explain the orbifold compactification in string models and present a Z_{12-I} orbifold compactification toward supersymmetric standard models. We also point out an effective R-parity from this string construction. The VEVs of gauge singlets are chosen such that phenomenological constraints are satisfied.Comment: 13 pages with 5 figure. Talk presented at "CTP Symposium on SUSY at LHC", Cairo, 11-14 March 200

    Uniqueness of convex ancient solutions to mean curvature flow in higher dimensions

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    In this paper, we consider noncompact ancient solutions to the mean curvature flow in Rn+1\mathbb{R}^{n+1} (n≥3n \geq 3) which are strictly convex, uniformly two-convex, and noncollapsed. We prove that such an ancient solution is a rotationally symmetric translating soliton.Comment: In this paper, we extend the result in arxiv:1711.00823 to higher dimensions, assuming uniform two-convexit

    Supersymmetric three family chiral SU(6) grand unification model from F-theory

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    We obtain a supersymmetric three family chiral SU(6) grand unification model with the global family symmetry SU(3)[family] from F-theory. This model has nice features such as all the fermion masses are reasonably generated and there results only one pair of Higgs doublets, realizing the doublet-triplet splitting from the family symmetry SU(3)[family]. The proton hexality is realized toward the proton stability problem. There is a room to fit the three gauge couplings using the F-theory flux idea and we obtain the proton lifetime in the 10^{36-37} yr region.Comment: 5 pages, to be published in Phys. Rev.

    Paradigm Innovation through the Strategic Collaboration between TORAY & UNIQLO : Evolution of A New Fast Fashion Business Model

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    The key purpose of this study is to examine the remarkable context within the evolution of the paradigm innovation in fashion product development, in the case of Japanese fashion apparel, UNIQLO, created by Fast Retailing Corp in 1998. The key theme hereby concerns innovation, and this perspective surely necessitates Fast Retailing's strategic collaboration with a Japanese new material and artificial textile powerhouse, TORAY: as TORAY's technological provision was an essential source for the dynamic product and process innovation behind the extraordinary growth of UNIQLO. Furthermore, the technological superiority also entailed its innovative positioning in market competition. It is crucial to examine how and why the two brought about their core competences together through new combinations of concepts. This should impart a few promising research perspectives regarding their innovative model of unchallenged value creation, strong market competitiveness, and sustainable corporate growth.Paradigm Innovation, Product Development, Business Model, Japanese Apparel Industry, Fashion Apparel, Fast Fashion, Fast Retailing, UNIQLO, TORAY, Alliance, Virtual Vertical Integration

    Deconstruction and Gauge Theories in AdS_5

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    On a slice of AdS_5, despite having a dimensionful coupling, gauge theories can exhibit logarithmic dependence on scale. In this paper, we utilize deconstruction to analyze the scaling behavior of the theory, both above and below the AdS curvature scale, and shed light on position-dependent regularizations of the theory. We comment on applications to geometries other than AdS.Comment: 15 pages, 1 figur
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