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    An efficient hydro-crop growth prediction system for nutrient analysis using machine learning algorithm

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    The hydro nutrient management (HNM) for crop yield is effectively improved using proposed system. A hydro-crop growth prediction system (HCGPS) is designed using machine learning. The reconfigurable nutrients uptake crop yield prediction rate is enhanced. This proposed HCGPS is used to predict the crop yield by considering input parameters such as nutrient index (NI), electric conductivity limit (ECL), ion concentration factors (ICF) and dry weight of the crop and crop yield rate (CYR) to analyze the positive and negative correlation with crop growth. The proposed system is used to find correlation Index of input and output parameters to determine the prediction rate of crop yield. The proposed design improves smart prediction rate and efficiency of crop growth rate with optimal utilization of input variables. This proposed HCGPS is very helpful to achieve good quality yield with optimal utilization of input parameters