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    Implementation of educational program with internet technologies

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    This article is about the practice of Internet sites application as electronic instructional materials in Informatics teaching processВ статье идет речь об опыте внедрения электронных учебно-методических комплексов по дисциплинам в виде сайтов, основанных на использовании интернет-технологий в процессе обучени

    Человек – это животное?

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    Work of art in the space of network culture: Creativity as bricolage

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    The development of modern informational-communication technologies has led to the occurrence of the new unique sociocultural phenomenon – a network culture, with irony as the dominating rhetoric. In the space of network culture, under digital technologies, the forms, types, and functions of art, and creativity in general, change. The paper states that communication becomes the main function of art, while a work of art more and more becomes an object of communication. The authors propose to broaden the volume of creativity conception, going beyond the classical interpretation towards a broader understanding of this phenomenon, namely, creativity as bricolage. The methodological basis of the bricolage model of creativity, relevant for the new media art, is the concept of “bricolage” developed by Claude Lévi-Strauss. © 2020 The Author(s). Published by VGTU Press.The film distribution confirms this point of view. By the 2019 data, the film Matilda became the most unprofitable film supported by the Cinema Foundation of Russia: “Matilda’s losses became a sort of a record – 550 million rubles” (Zhitkova, 2018)

    The introduction of a mixed system of maintenance and repair of metal-cutting equipment

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    The article provides a comparative analysis of the Russian and foreign systems for the maintenance and repair of metal-cutting equipment. The limitations of the application of systems of universal maintenance of equipment, scheduled preventive maintenance and repair by state are analyzed. The influence of the age of the equipment and the percentage of the repair plan on the amount of emergency shutdowns is shown. The main stages of the introduction of mixed service and repair systems are highlighted. Criteria for classifying equipment groups are proposed for the selection of repair and maintenance systems. Examples of typical diagnostic signs of malfunctions of metal-cutting equipment and statistical time of emergency shutdown after their detection are given. The recommendations on planning the need for spare parts and organization of repair work are given. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd

    Comparative analysis of cutting fluids

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    The article contains the results of seven working tests of cutting fluids for metal-cutting equipment. The results of the analysis were evaluated by experts, including process engineers, chemical engineers, foremen and production machine operators in the following areas: turning, drilling, milling, sawing, grinding, threading, boring works. The analysis made it possible to determine the scope of application of cutting fluids depending on the volume and rhythm of the work, the operating conditions of the cutting fluids, the requirements of the design and technological documentation taking into account the final cost of the cutting fluids used. The problem of determining an accelerated system of practical tests for cutting fluids to evaluate the effectiveness of using a particular product before conducting the production tests on machine equipment is considered. For this, criteria for evaluating the cutting fluids are proposed using the weighting method to ensure informed decision-making in the choice of a cutting fluid for admission to full-fledged production tests. © Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd

    Comparative analysis of household consumers electroreceivers modes

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    Данная статья предлагает сравнительный анализ различных режимов работы бытовых электроприемников, на основе измерений, сделанных в реальной квартире. Измерение Показателей качества электроэнергии (ПКЭ) и снятие графиков нагрузки осуществлялось с помощью прибора регистратора-анализатора ПКЭ ChauvinArnoux СА 8335+. Ежедневные нагрузки и ежедневные затраты энергии рассчитаны и отображены графически с почасовой дискретностью. Выбраны наиболее эффективные способы регулирования потребления энергоресурсов и сокращения финансовых затрат на электроэнергию.The paper deals with the comparative analysis of various operating modes of household consumers electroreceivers on the basis of measurements in real apartment. Measurement of Unified Power Quality Index (UPQI) and reading load curves were accomplished by means of the UPQI logger Chauvin Arnoux СА 8335+. Daily load and daily cost of energy are calculated and shown graphically with hourly discretization. The most effective ways of regulation the energy consumption and reduction of financial expenses on the electric power are chosen