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    Phenomenological Applications of QCD Factorization to Semi-inclusive B Decays

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    We have systematically investigated the semi-inclusive B decays BMXB\to MX, which are manifestations of the quark decay bMqb \to Mq, within a framework inspired by QCD-improved factorization. These decays are theoretically clean and have distinctive experimental signatures. We focus on a class of these that do not require any form factor information and therefore may be especially suitable for extracting information on the angles α\alpha and γ\gamma of the unitarity triangle. The strong phase coming from final-state rescattering due to hard gluon exchange between the final states can induce large rate asymmetries for tree-dominated color-suppressed modes (π0,ρ0,ω)Xsˉ(\pi^0,\rho^0,\omega)X_{\bar s}. The nonfactorizable hard spectator interactions in the 3-body decay BMq1qˉ2B\to Mq_1\bar q_2, though phase-space suppressed, are extremely important for the tree-dominated modes (π0,ρ0,ω)Xsˉ, ϕX(\pi^0,\rho^0,\omega)X_{\bar s},~\phi X, JXs,JXJ X_s,J X and the penguin-dominated mode ωXssˉ\omega X_{s\bar s}. Our result for B(BJXs){\cal B}(B\to J X_s) is in agreement with experiment. Bs0(π0,ρ0,ω)XsˉB^0_s\to (\pi^0,\rho^0,\omega)X_{\bar s}, ρ0Xssˉ\rho^0X_{s\bar s}, B0(KX,KX)B^0\to(K^-X,K^{*-}X) and B(K0Xs,K0Xs)B^-\to (K^0X_s,K^{*0}X_s) are the most promising ones in searching for direct CP violation: they have branching ratios of order 10610410^{-6}-10^{-4} and CP rate asymmetries of order (1040)(10-40)%.Comment: 12 pages, talk given at International Conference on Flavor Physics, Zhang-Jia-Jie City, Hunan, China, 31 May - 6 June, 200

    Hadronic Two-Body Charmless B Decays

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    Implications of recent CLEO measurements of hadronic charmless B decays are discussed.Comment: 7 pages, invited talk presented at the Third International Conference on B Physics and CP Violation, Dec. 3-7, Taipe

    Effects of Final State Interactions on Hadronic Charmless B Decays

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    Final-state rescattering effects on direct CP violation in charmless hadronic B decays and on the polarization anomaly in BϕKB\to\phi K^* are discussed.Comment: 3 pages, talk given at the 2004 DPF Meeting, Riverside, CA. Aug 26-31, 200