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    Rhetoric in legislative bargaining with asymmetric information

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    We analyze a three-player legislative bargaining game over an ideological and a distributive decision. Legislators are privately informed about their ideological intensities, i.e., the weight placed on the ideological decision relative to the weight placed on the distributive decision. Communication takes place before a proposal is offered and majority rule voting determines the outcome. We show that it is not possible for all legislators to communicate informatively. In particular, the legislator who is ideologically more distant from the proposer cannot communicate informatively, but the closer legislator may communicate whether he would \compromise "or flight" on ideology. Surprisingly, the proposer may be worse off when bargaining with two legislators (under majority rule) than with one (who has veto power), because competition between the legislators may result in less information conveyed in equilibrium. Despite separable preferences, the proposer is always better off making proposals for the two dimensions together

    Intestinal Electric Stimulation Accelerates Whole Gut Transit and Promotes Fat Excrement in Conscious Rats

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    *_Introduction:_* Intestinal electric stimulation (IES) is proposed as a potential tool for the treatment of morbid obesity. Our previous study showed that IES with one pair of electrodes accelerated intestinal transit and decreased fat absorption in a segment of the jejunum in the anesthetized rats. The aims of this study were to assess the effects of IES on the whole gut transit and fat absorption in conscious rats, to examine the effects of multi-channel IES, and to explore the cholinergic mechanism behind the effects of IES. 
*_Methods:_* Thirty-eight male rats implanted with serosal electrodes were randomized into five groups: control without IES, 2/3 channel IES with short pulses, atropine and atropine plus IES. The whole gut transit and fat remained and emptied from the gut were analyzed after continuous 2-hour IES. 
*_Results:_* Two and three channel IES significantly accelerated phenol red (marker used for transit) excretion (ANOVA, P < 0.001). No significant difference was found between two and three channel IES. Two channel IES significantly increased the excretion of fat (P < 0.05). Atropine significantly blocked the accelerated transit induced by IES (ANOVA, P < 0.001). Correlation was found between the percentage of phenol red and fat retained in the whole gut (r = 0.497, P < 0.01). 
*_Conclusions:_* IES accelerates whole gut transit and promotes fat excrement in conscious rats, and these effects are mediated through the cholinergic nerves. These findings are in support of the concept that IES may be a promising treatment option for obesity

    Influence of pairing correlations on the radius of neutron-rich nuclei

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    The influence of pairing correlations on the neutron root mean square (rms) radius of nuclei is investigated in the framework of self-consistent Skyrme Hartree-Fock-Bogoliubov calculations. The continuum is treated appropriately by the Green's function techniques. As an example the nucleus 124^{124}Zr is treated for a varying strength of pairing correlations. We find that, as the pairing strength increases, the neutron rms radius first shrinks, reaches a minimum and beyond this point it expands again. The shrinkage is due to the the so-called `pairing anti-halo effect', i. e. due to the decreasing of the asymptotic density distribution with increasing pairing. However, in some cases, increasing pairing correlations can also lead to an expansion of the nucleus due to a growing occupation of so-called `halo' orbits, i.e. weakly bound states and resonances in the continuum with low-â„“\ell values. In this case, the neutron radii are extended just by the influence of pairing correlations, since these `halo' orbits cannot be occupied without pairing. The term `anti-halo effect' is not justified in such cases. For a full understanding of this complicated interplay self-consistent calculations are necessary.Comment: 18 pages, 5 figure

    Bifurcation values and monodromy of mixed polynomials

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    We study the bifurcation values of real polynomial maps f: \bR^{2n} \to \bR^2 which reflect the lack of asymptotic regularity at infinity. We formulate real counterparts of some structure results which have been previously proved in case of complex polynomials by Kushnirenko, N\'emethi and Zaharia and other authors, emphasizing the typical real phenomena that occur

    A mathematical model for contingent claim pricing in a preannounced policy

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    This paper presents a mathematical model for contingent claim pricing in a preannounced policy. There are some properties in the model. First, one can distinguish the preannouncement effects on the mean and volatility of asset returns. Second, the European call option pricing solution in the model can reduce to the Black-Sholes (1973) formula as no preannouncement effects occur before maturity.Preannounced policy, Preannouncement effect, Fat tails, Discontinuity, Option pricing.
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