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    Observability of the Heavy Neutral SUSY Higgs Bosons Decaying into Neutralinos

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    A prospective study for the observation of the decays of heavy neutral Higgs bosons into supersymmetric particles at the Large Hadron Collider is presented . The analysis focuses on the decay of the Higgs bosons into a pair of next-to-lightest neutralinos chi2, followed by the cascade down to the lightest neutralino, chi2 to l+ l- chi1. The final state is characterized by the presence of four isolated and missing tranverse energy. The parameter space of the minimal Supergravity model is explored and favorable regions for the observation of the A/H bosons are identified. The A/H bosons could be discovered in the 2e2mu channel in the mass region mA,H (250,400) GeV/c2 with an integrated luminosity of 30 fb-1

    Observability of the heavy neutral SUSY Higgs bosons decaying into neutralinos at the LHC

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    Research Note From Collaboration; A prospective study for the observability of heavy neutral Higgs bosons decaying into supersymmetric particles at the Large Hadron Collider with the CMS detector is presented. The analysis focuses on the decay of the Higgs bosons into a pair of next-to-lightest neutralinos Ōá02, followed by the cascade down to the lightest neutralino, Ōá02 ‚Üí l+l-Ōá01. The final state is characterized by the presence of four isolated leptons and missing transverse energy. The parameter space of the minimal supergravity model is explored and favourable regions for the observation of the A0/H0 bosons are identified. The A0/H0 bosons could be discovered in the 2e2őľ channel in the mass region 250 lesssim mA/H lesssim 400 GeV/c2 with an integrated luminosity of 30 fb-1

    Acid stress response in Escherichia coli: mechanism of regulation of gadA transcription by RcsB and GadE

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    Escherichia coli can survive extreme acid stress for several hours. The most efficient acid resistance system is based on glutamate decarboxylation by the GadA and GadB decarboxylases and the import of glutamate via the GadC membrane protein. The expression of the corresponding genes is controlled by GadE, the central activator of glutamate-dependent acid resistance (GDAR). We have previously shown by genetic approaches that as well as GadE, the response regulator of the Rcs system, RcsB is absolutely required for control of gadA/BC transcription. In the presence of GadE, basal activity of RcsB stimulates the expression of gadA/BC, whereas activation of RcsB leads to general repression of the gad genes. We report here the results of various in vitro assays that show RcsB to regulate by direct binding to the gadA promoter region. Furthermore, activation of gadA transcription requires a GAD box and binding of an RcsB/GadE heterodimer. In addition, we have identified an RcsB box, which lies just upstream of the ‚ąí10 element of gadA promoter and is involved in repression of this operon

    Para a noção de transformação curricular

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    Neste artigo √© evidenciada a rela√ß√£o entre curr√≠culo e conhecimento, abordando-se o conhecimento escolar na sua sele√ß√£o, organiza√ß√£o e transforma√ß√£o, a partir de uma revis√£o do conceito de transposi√ß√£o did√°tica e da proposi√ß√£o dos conceitos de transforma√ß√£o curricular e transforma√ß√£o did√°tica. Qualquer debate sobre o curr√≠culo exige a dilucida√ß√£o do conhecimento e uma reflex√£o sobre os seus diversos significados, sobretudo quando a educa√ß√£o se torna num projeto amplo de questionamento da realidade social. Para al√©m de v√°rias quest√Ķes colocadas acerca do conhecimento escolar e do modo como a sua organiza√ß√£o pode ser realizada, procura-se centrar o debate numa reflex√£o sobre as fronteiras entre conhecimentos e esclarecer que, sobre essa tem√°tica, jamais poder√£o existir respostas fechadas.This article highlights the link between curriculum and knowledge, the approach of school knowledge‚Äôs selection, organization and transformation is based on a revision of the concept of didactic transposition and on the proposal of the concepts of curriculum and didactic transformation. Debates on curriculum demand an explanation and a reflection on the multiple meanings of knowledge mainly when education aims to be a broad project to contest social reality. It aims to focus the discussion on a reflection regarding the borders between knowledges and to show that in this subject there are never closed answers.Dans cet article est mis en √©vidence le rapport entre le curriculum et la connaissance, en abordant la connaissance scolaire dans sa s√©lection, son organisation et sa transformation √† partir d‚Äôune r√©vision du concept de transposition didactique et de la proposition des concepts de transformation du curriculum et de transformation didactique. Toute discussion sur le curriculum exige la dilucidation de la connaissance et une r√©flexion sur ses plusieurs signifi√©s, surtout quand l‚Äô√©ducation devient un projet plus large de mise en question de la r√©alit√© sociale. Au del√† des plusieurs questions pos√©es autour de la connaissance scolaire et de la mani√®re comme son organisation peut √™tre r√©alis√©e, on cherche √° fixer le d√©bat dans une r√©flexion sur les fronti√®res entre connaissances et √©claircir que, sur cette th√©matique jamais ne pourront exister des r√©ponses absolues.En este trabajo se pone en evidencia la relaci√≥n entre el curr√≠culum y el conocimiento, abord√°ndose el conocimiento escolar en su selecci√≥n, organizaci√≥n y transformaci√≥n desde una revisi√≥n del concepto de transposici√≥n did√°ctica y de la proposici√≥n de los conceptos de transformaci√≥n curricular y transformaci√≥n did√°ctica. Cualquier discusi√≥n sobre el curr√≠culum requiere la aclaraci√≥n del conocimiento y una reflexi√≥n sobre sus diversos significados, especialmente cuando la educaci√≥n se convierte en un proyecto m√°s amplio de cuestionamiento de la realidad social. Adem√°s de varias preguntas sobre el conocimiento escolar y el modo en el que su organizaci√≥n puede tener lugar, se intenta centrar el debate en una reflexi√≥n sobre las fronteras entre conocimientos y aclarar que en esta tem√°tica jam√°s podr√°n existir respuestas cerradas.(undefined

    Energy Resolution Performance of the CMS Electromagnetic Calorimeter

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    The energy resolution performance of the CMS lead tungstate crystal electromagnetic calorimeter is presented. Measurements were made with an electron beam using a fully equipped supermodule of the calorimeter barrel. Results are given both for electrons incident on the centre of crystals and for electrons distributed uniformly over the calorimeter surface. The electron energy is reconstructed in matrices of 3 times 3 or 5 times 5 crystals centred on the crystal containing the maximum energy. Corrections for variations in the shower containment are applied in the case of uniform incidence. The resolution measured is consistent with the design goals

    Differential cross section measurements for the production of a W boson in association with jets in proton‚Äďproton collisions at ‚ąös = 7 TeV

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    Measurements are reported of differential cross sections for the production of a W boson, which decays into a muon and a neutrino, in association with jets, as a function of several variables, including the transverse momenta (pT) and pseudorapidities of the four leading jets, the scalar sum of jet transverse momenta (HT), and the difference in azimuthal angle between the directions of each jet and the muon. The data sample of pp collisions at a centre-of-mass energy of 7 TeV was collected with the CMS detector at the LHC and corresponds to an integrated luminosity of 5.0 fb[superscript ‚ąí1]. The measured cross sections are compared to predictions from Monte Carlo generators, MadGraph + pythia and sherpa, and to next-to-leading-order calculations from BlackHat + sherpa. The differential cross sections are found to be in agreement with the predictions, apart from the pT distributions of the leading jets at high pT values, the distributions of the HT at high-HT and low jet multiplicity, and the distribution of the difference in azimuthal angle between the leading jet and the muon at low values.United States. Dept. of EnergyNational Science Foundation (U.S.)Alfred P. Sloan Foundatio

    Optimasi Portofolio Resiko Menggunakan Model Markowitz MVO Dikaitkan dengan Keterbatasan Manusia dalam Memprediksi Masa Depan dalam Perspektif Al-Qur`an