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    K-12 Teacher’s Appropriation of Digital Technologies and Innovative Instruction Across EU: A Scoping Review

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    The K-12 education has lived an upsetting period where teachers have been forced to incorporate technologies intensively, bringing to light numerous issues and opportunities, whose assessment can result in educational renewal. This scoping review’s objective is to examine the positive impact of the pandemic on digital technologies appropriation and innovative instruction across EU from K-12 teachers’ point of view. Within a total of 77 articles, published between 2020 and 2022, research showed that K-12 teachers perceived the lockdown as an opportunity to increase their competences to teach through digital tools and apply novel instructional strategies. Additionally, they have progressed on digital appropriation for assessing and interacting with students and colleagues. K-12 teachers consider the pandemic as an opportunity for professional development in terms of establishment of new digital skills, despite the lack of necessary equipment and the psychological well-being creating challenges in distance education. In conclusion the Covid-19 pandemic enabled K-12 teachers to expand their professional skills to respond to the needs of future schooling