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    Antigens HLA-G, sHLA- G and sHLA- class I in reproductive failure.

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    It can be supposed that relation between HLA-G polymorphism and sHLA-G protein expression are associated with successful embryo implantation and pregnancy maintenance. The aim of the study was the estimation specific differences in expression of sHLA-G and sHLA- class I antigens in women with reproductive failure in comparison with fertile women. The study sample enrolled 80 women, divided into 2 groups. The study group (B) enrolled 60 women with reproductive failure including 20 women with 3 recurrent spontaneous abortions in the first trimester of pregnancy (RSA), 20 women with empty sac (ES) and 20 women with 3 consecutive in-vitro fertilization failures (IVFf). The control group (C) enrolled 20 fertile women with at least 2 children. Soluble HLA- class I antigens (sHLA-I) and soluble HLA-G (sHLA-G) were determined using ELISA test kits from IBio Vendor Labolatory Medicine, Inc. HLA-G allele found in individuals in our study were identified by comparing the obtained bp sequences of exon 2., 3. and 4. with bp sequences of HLA-G antigen published at the Nolan Research Institute website. The highest concentration of sHLA-I is noted among women with HLA-G 10401 allele which differed significantly for the mean sHLA-I concentration calculated for all the remaining alleles (

    A case of carotid body paraganglioma and haemangioblastoma of the spinal cord in a patient with the N131K missense mutation in the VHL gene

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    The article describes paraganglioma case in woman with von Hippel鈥揕indau disease. She was found to be a carrier of a rare germline mutation in the VHL gene (393C>A; N131K). The patient developed large, untypical for von Hippel鈥揕indau disease, carotid body paraganglioma at the common carotid artery bifurcation. The carotid body paraganglioma coexisted with the haemangioblastoma situated intramedullary in region C5/C6. The haemangioblastoma reached the right-sided dorsal part of the spinal cord in section C5/C6. It produced radicular symptoms within C5/C6, followed by the later paresis of the right limbs. The haemangioblastoma was resected completely. Twelve months after the operation, the spinal symptoms receded and the carotid body paraganglioma still was asymptomatic. The current case of carotid body paraganglioma in patient with the 393C>A (N131K) missense mutation in the VHL gene, supports association of this specific mutation and VHL disease type 2, and suggests its correlation with susceptibility to paragangliomas

    Wytyczne dla laboratori贸w genetyki nowotwor贸w litych

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    Niniejsze wytyczne skierowane s膮 do laboratori贸w wykonuj膮cych diagnostyczne badania genetyczne technikami biologii molekularnej i cytogenetyki molekularnej (FISH) w zakresie genetyki nowotwor贸w litych zar贸wno w obszarze zaburze艅 genetycznych dziedzicznych, jak i nabytych. Diagnostyczne badanie genetyczne jest wykonywane w celu identyfikacji zaburze艅 w DNA kom贸rek cz艂owieka. Przestrzeganie niniejszych zasad ma na celu zapewnienie wysokiego poziomu us艂ug medycznych 艣wiadczonych przez laboratoria