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    Chapter Note al testo e alla traduzione

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    The aim of this article is to offer a textual analysis of the short stories translated by Silvia Cavalletto and some very interesting notes regarding the Chinese translation of A China fica ao lad

    Chapter A China fica ao lado / La Cina è accanto

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    La Cina è accanto is the Italian translation of the equivalent Portuguese colletion of short stories A China fica ao lado. This literary work has been translated for the first time in Italian language by Silvia Cavalletto in this volume. The Italian translation provides the Italian reader to appreciate the language and the writing style of Maria Ondina Braga and to approach this relevant Portuguese author of the 20th century

    VICMOTO: Physical modeling and numerical simulation applied to vineyard

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    The knowledge at site level of meteorological and environmental variables involved in vine vegetative development and in grape maturation process is not enough to perceive the plant behaviour in a heterogeneous agro-system such as a vineyard. A useful support for winegrowers decision-making arises from the use of crop growth models able to simulate physiological processes that occur in the atmosphere-plant-soil interface. The study was conducted, during the 2016 and 2017 season, in a Nebbiolo vineyard equipped with ‘above’ and ‘below’ the canopy meteorological sensors. Meteorological measures, soil characteristics and vineyards features were used as input of the VICMOTO model developed to simulate phenological phases, leaf area and grape yield development, water available for the plant in the soil vine water status and berry sugar accumulation. Specific field surveys were used to calibrate and validate the numerical model. VICMOTO showed quite good performance in simulating phenological phases, sugar accumulation and yield, while vine leaf area and soil water potential are less accurate. The calibration and validation of VICMOTO requires measurements to be carried out on different sites and years. In order to obtain a better agreement between simulations and measures, it might be appropriate to modify the parameters and algorithms related to vegetative development and soil water potential
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