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    XML technology assisted research paper abstract writing

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    iven its briefness, inherent complexity and massive and critical use in scientific discourse, the research paper abstract (RP A) is a text type particularly interesting for both linguistic modelling (writing and reading) and automatic processing (generation and parsing). Even though the current literature on these fields is large and promising, there are still various gaps to fill, especially in the domain of the interplay between linguistic modelling and the development of applications for the solution of communication problems. Our purpose here is to present the RedACTe Project's approach to the design of software oriented to rhetorical and linguistic assistance in RP A writingFil: Castel, VĂ­ctor M.

    Health insurance : use of health care services by the poor efficiency and equity issues in the province of Kon Tum

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    The study merged two databases: the database on patients'visits collected for claim control and reimbursement purpose and, the database on the insured that is used to issue the health insurance cards. This study investigated these issues through the analysis of individual's health insurance data of the Provincial Social Security (PSS) heath insurance of Kon Tum. One of the important political goals in the coming years is the achievement of universal coverage of health insurance. For that purpose the government is pursuing the strategy (started in 2005) to provide free health insurance cards to all the poor, the ethnic minority populations and the persons living in remote or mountainous areas. One of the important political goals in the coming years is the achievement of universal coverage of health insurance. For that purpose the government is pursuing the strategy (started in 2005) to provide free health insurance cards to all the poor, the ethnic minority populations and the persons living in remote or mountainous areas.Health Monitoring&Evaluation,Health Systems Development&Reform,Health Law,Gender and Health,Health Economics&Finance

    A multilayer anisotropic plate model with warping functions for the study of vibrations reformulated from Woodcock's work

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    In this paper, a plate model suitable for static and dynamic analysis of inhomogeneous anisotropic multilayered plates is described. This model takes transverse shear variation through the thickness of the plate into account by means of warping functions which are determined by enforcing kinematic and static assumptions at the layers interfaces. This model leads to a 10 x 10 behavior matrix in which membrane strains, bending curvatures, and transverse shear x and y-derivatives are coupled, and to a classical 2 x 2 shear behavior matrix. This model has been proven to be very efficient, especially when high ratios -up to 10E5- between the stiffnesses of layers are present. This work is related to Woodcock's model, so it can be seen as a reformulation of his work. However, it propose several enhancements: the displacement field is made explicit; it is reformulated with commonly used plate notations; laminate equations of motion are fully detailed; the place of this model relatively to other plate models is now easy to see and is discussed; the link between this formulation and the original one is completely written with all necessary proofs; misses and errors have been found in the energy coefficients of the original work, and then have been corrected; it is now easy to improve or to adapt the model for specific applications with the choice of refined or specific warping functions

    Free energy and entropy of a dipolar liquid by computer simulations

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    Thermodynamic properties for a system composed of dipolar molecules are computed. Free energy is evaluated by means of the thermodynamic integration technique, and it is also estimated by using a perturbation theory approach, in which every molecule is modeled as a hard sphere within a square well, with an electric dipole at its center. The hard sphere diameter, the range and depth of the well, and the dipole moment have been calculated from properties easily obtained in molecular dynamics simulations. Connection between entropy and dynamical properties is explored in the liquid and supercooled states by using instantaneous normal mode calculations. A model is proposed in order to analyze translation and rotation contributions to entropy separately. Both contributions decrease upon cooling, and a logarithmic correlation between excess entropy associated with translation and the corresponding proportion of imaginary frequency modes is encountered. Rosenfeld scaling law between reduced diffusion and excess entropy is tested, and the origin of its failure at low temperatures is investigated.Postprint (author's final draft

    Compulsory social security participation revealed preferences

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    The study starts with a classification of the enterprises depending on their participation to the Vietnam social security. Among the enterprises that contribute, one striking feature is that on average the share in the wage bill of the contributions paid to the Vietnam social security is much lower than the contribution rate established in the law. Even if the enterprises that do not register their employees are excluded from the calculation, the average ratio is of 7.6 percent while the legal rate was in 2006 equal to 23 percent. The study, consequently, examine this issue before investigating the characteristics of the enterprises that do not register their employees. The paper shows that this low ratio is due to a wide practice by enterprises of paying contributions on lower wages than current wages. The paper investigates, furthermore, who benefit from the practice of avoiding registration and from the practice of under-reporting wages to social security. The results indicate strong evidence that employees in enterprises that are not registered to social security and in enterprises that under report wage receive higher net wages.Labor Markets,Labor Policies,Pensions&Retirement Systems,State Owned Enterprise Reform,Income

    Perturbation of the metric around a spherical body from a nonminimal coupling between matter and curvature

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    In this work, the effects of a nonminimally coupled model of gravity on a perturbed Minkowski metric are presented. The action functional of the model involves two functions f1(R)f^1(R) and f2(R)f^2(R) of the Ricci scalar curvature RR. Based upon a Taylor expansion around R=0R = 0 for both functions f1(R)f^1(R) and f2(R)f^2(R), we find that the metric around a spherical object is a perturbation of the weak-field Schwarzschild metric: the time perturbation is shown to be a Newtonian plus Yukawa term, which can be constrained using the available experimental results. We conclude that the Starobinsky model for inflation complemented with a generalized preheating mechanism is not experimentally constrained by observations. The geodetic precession effects of the model are also shown to be of no relevance for the constraints.Comment: 17 pages, 4 figure

    Realistic performance measurement for body-centric spatial modulation links

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    Spatial Modulation is a new transmission mode which increases spectral efficiency by employing information-driven transmit antenna selection. This performance is realized at a reduced hardware complexity and cost because only a single radio-frequency transmit chain is necessary. A measurement campaign is performed to assess the characteristics of spatial modulation over a body-centric communication channel, transmitting from a walking person with textile antennas integrated into the front and back sections of a garment, towards a base-station in realistic conditions. In the transmitted frames, additional spatial multiplexing as well as space-time coded data blocks are included. The off-body communication link is analyzed for line-of-sight as well as non line-of-sight radio wave propagation, comparing the characteristics of the different transmission modes under equal propagation conditions and for an equal channel capacity of 2 bit/s/Hz
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