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    An Investigation of the Adsorption Characteristics of 5'ATP and 5'AMP onto the Surface of Caso4 x 2H2O

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    A model has been proposed in which solid surfaces can act as a site for cataletic activity of condensation reactions for certain biomolecules. From this model, the adsorption characteristics of 5'ATP and 5'AMP onto the surface of CaSO4.2H2O was chosen for study. It has been proven that 5'ATP and 5'AMP do adsorb onto the surface of CaSO4. Studies were then made to determine the dependence of absorption versus time, concentration, ionic strength and pH. It was found that the adsorption of the nucleotides is highly pH dependent, primarily determined by the phosphate acid groups of the nucleic acid molecule. From this investigation, the data obtained is discussed in relation to the model for the prebiotic earth