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    The Moral and Pastoral Problems of the Terminally Ill Patient

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    Direct analysis of hydrogen/deuterium mixtures: A concept

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    Fraction of deuterium/hydrogen mixture is isolated by column chromatography, ionized, and the HD+1-0 band absorption measured with conventional high-resolution infrared spectrophotometer

    PACS and SPIRE photometer maps of M 33: First results of the HERschel M 33 Extended Survey (HERM33ES)

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    Context. Within the framework of the HERM33ES key program, we are studying the star forming interstellar medium in the nearby, metal-poor spiral galaxy M 33, exploiting the high resolution and sensitivity of Herschel. Aims. We use PACS and SPIRE maps at 100, 160, 250, 350, and 500 μm wavelength, to study the variation of the spectral energy distributions (SEDs) with galacto-centric distance. Methods. Detailed SED modeling is performed using azimuthally averaged fluxes in elliptical rings of 2 kpc width, out to 8 kpc galacto-centric distance. Simple isothermal and two-component grey body models, with fixed dust emissivity index, are fitted to the SEDs between 24 μm and 500 μm using also MIPS/Spitzer  data, to derive first estimates of the dust physical conditions. Results. The far-infrared and submillimeter maps reveal the branched, knotted spiral structure of M 33. An underlying diffuse disk is seen in all SPIRE maps (250–500 μm). Two component fits to the SEDs agree better than isothermal models with the observed, total and radially averaged flux densities. The two component model, with β fixed at 1.5, best fits the global and the radial SEDs. The cold dust component clearly dominates; the relative mass of the warm component is less than 0.3% for all the fits. The temperature of the warm component is not well constrained and is found to be about 60 K ± 10 K. The temperature of the cold component drops significantly from ~24 K in the inner 2 kpc radius to 13 K beyond 6 kpc radial distance, for the best fitting model. The gas-to-dust ratio for β = 1.5, averaged over the galaxy, is higher than the solar value by a factor of 1.5 and is roughly in agreement with the subsolar metallicity of M 33

    Measurements of mass and momentum flux in non-ideal molecular beams

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    Momentum transfer and mass determinations for nonideal molecular beam - fluid mechanic


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    The objective of this paper is to develop a cross hedging model for rice that minimizes basis risk and accounts for the existence of the nonstationary nature of basis. Basis is treated as an endogenous variable and model for basis risk are developed.Financial Economics, Risk and Uncertainty,

    The Flowers of Extinction: An Ecocritical <i>Flâneur</i> in London, April 2019 to April 2020

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    How does one do ‘ecocritical Walter Benjamin’ in the city of London? As a professional flâneur between April 2019 and April 2020, I enlisted the support of Benjamin’s 1940 writings ‘Some Motifs in Baudelaire’ and ‘On the Concept of History’, and four poems from Charles Baudelaire’s Les Fleurs du Mal. These lyrics explore entangled spaces between the human and nonhuman world. Benjamin developed two concepts – ‘shock’ and ‘shock experience’ (Chockerlebnis), the latter through his engagement with Baudelaire’s work. Therefore, ecopoetic analyses of Baudelaire’s ‘Correspondances’, ‘Obsession’ (1857), ‘Le Soleil’ and ‘Le Squelette Laboureur’ (1861) aided my analysis of four London sites: Lewisham’s train tracks, Sky Garden, Oxford Circus, and the Charterhouse Museum. Reading the four sites with the aid of Baudelaire’s lyrics allowed an unearthing and creation of dialectical images as they relate to the climate emergency

    Anti-Fall: A Non-intrusive and Real-time Fall Detector Leveraging CSI from Commodity WiFi Devices

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    Fall is one of the major health threats and obstacles to independent living for elders, timely and reliable fall detection is crucial for mitigating the effects of falls. In this paper, leveraging the fine-grained Channel State Information (CSI) and multi-antenna setting in commodity WiFi devices, we design and implement a real-time, non-intrusive, and low-cost indoor fall detector, called Anti-Fall. For the first time, the CSI phase difference over two antennas is identified as the salient feature to reliably segment the fall and fall-like activities, both phase and amplitude information of CSI is then exploited to accurately separate the fall from other fall-like activities. Experimental results in two indoor scenarios demonstrate that Anti-Fall consistently outperforms the state-of-the-art approach WiFall, with 10% higher detection rate and 10% less false alarm rate on average.Comment: 13 pages,8 figures,corrected version, ICOST conferenc

    Effectiveness of the ADEC as a level 2 screening test for young children with suspected autism spectrum disorders in a clinical setting

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    Background The Autism Detection in Early Childhood (ADEC) is a clinician-administered, Level 2 screening tool. A retrospective file audit was used to investigate its clinical effectiveness. Method Toddlers referred to an Australian child development service between 2008 and 2010 (N?=?53, M age?=?32.2 months) were screened with the ADEC. Their medical records were reviewed in 2013 when their mean age was 74.5 months, and the original ADEC screening results were compared with later diagnostic outcomes. Results The ADEC had good sensitivity (87.5%) and moderate specificity (62%). Three behaviours predicted autism spectrum disorders (ASDs): response to name, gaze switching, and gaze monitoring (p???.001). Conclusions The ADEC shows promise as a screening tool that can discriminate between young children with ASDs and those who have specific communication disorders or developmental delays that persist into middle childhood but who do not meet the criteria for ASDs
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