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    Harry Potter and the Meaning of Death

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    The paper reviews how J.K. Rowling is able to examine death in the Harry Potter book series. In the first part of the text the author touches on the deaths of Harry\u27s parents and the scarring that Harry receives from that, as well as an examination of how the deaths of others, from close friends to acquaintances, have affected Harry, specifically pertaining to his personal responsibility for them and also his grieving process. The paper also goes into how Voldemort\u27s inability to feel love, paired with his fear of dying, have pushed his quest for immortality (using Horcruxes). Harry\u27s mastery of death (using the Hallows), his willingness to accept death, and his sense of love and sacrifice for his friends is what enables him to finally defeat Voldemort. The main message is that the Harry Potter books are great entertainment, but their underlying philosophy on death creates a depth that Rowling wants us to learn from: death is a part of life, and seeking love and friendship is much more important than worrying about death

    Re-figuring Federalism: Nation and State in Health Reform's Next Round

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    Reviews the evolution of national healthcare reform movements and the relationship between the federal and state governments, with international comparisons. Outlines differences to be resolved over Medicaid and other programs under a reformed system

    In-season prediction of batting averages: A field test of empirical Bayes and Bayes methodologies

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    Batting average is one of the principle performance measures for an individual baseball player. It is natural to statistically model this as a binomial-variable proportion, with a given (observed) number of qualifying attempts (called ``at-bats''), an observed number of successes (``hits'') distributed according to the binomial distribution, and with a true (but unknown) value of pip_i that represents the player's latent ability. This is a common data structure in many statistical applications; and so the methodological study here has implications for such a range of applications. We look at batting records for each Major League player over the course of a single season (2005). The primary focus is on using only the batting records from an earlier part of the season (e.g., the first 3 months) in order to estimate the batter's latent ability, pip_i, and consequently, also to predict their batting-average performance for the remainder of the season. Since we are using a season that has already concluded, we can then validate our estimation performance by comparing the estimated values to the actual values for the remainder of the season. The prediction methods to be investigated are motivated from empirical Bayes and hierarchical Bayes interpretations. A newly proposed nonparametric empirical Bayes procedure performs particularly well in the basic analysis of the full data set, though less well with analyses involving more homogeneous subsets of the data. In those more homogeneous situations better performance is obtained from appropriate versions of more familiar methods. In all situations the poorest performing choice is the na\"{{\i}}ve predictor which directly uses the current average to predict the future average.Comment: Published in at http://dx.doi.org/10.1214/07-AOAS138 the Annals of Applied Statistics (http://www.imstat.org/aoas/) by the Institute of Mathematical Statistics (http://www.imstat.org

    Changes in the chloride content of ground water in Pinellas County, Florida between 1947 and 1956

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    In December 1956 the U. S. Geological Survey, in cooperation with the Florida Geological Survey and the Board of County Commissioners of Pinellas County, collected waterlevel and chloride content of water in 94 wells in Pinellas County. First sampled in 1947, resampling and reanalyzing the water from these wells was used to determine the change in the chloride content of the ground water from 1947 to 1956. The chloride content of ground water is generally a reliable indication of the contamination of ground water by sea water, as 90 percent of the dissolved solids of sea water are chloride salts. (PDF contains 15 pages.

    Onion Culture in Ohio

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    Resisting the Far-Right: Indigenous Perspectives, Community Arts and Story-Based Strategy

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    This article explores how we might resist and confront anti-immigration and anti-refugee politics by addressing the social and historical well-spring from which these discriminatory and damaging politics emerge and take sustenance. In doing this, I draw upon the concept of story-based strategy and the idea that our potential to address this issue relies on our capacity to fundamentally shift the dominant ways in which people understand and engage with it. This discussion occurs with reference to one practical application of story-based strategy – a community-arts project titled Stories of Hope and Migration – which attempted to re-frame the migration and refugee debate in Australia by funnelling it through a localised Indigenous perspective. In so doing, this article challenges the way in which early British migrants and their descendants have continually excised themselves from the rhetoric of migration, and furthermore, suggests that through a more nuanced conversation regarding the migration stories of all non-Aboriginal people, we might better promote a more historically aware, compassionate and inclusive society