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    Manufacture of rich-sulfoaluminate belite cement at low temperature from waste mixture by dry and hydrothermal processes

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    This study, within the framework of eco-cement development, aims to manufacture reactive belite-sulfoaluminate cement (BYF) as alternative to Portland cement (PC). This ecological cement is obtained at low temperature from a mixture of industrial wastes using two synthetic methods, dry and hydrothermal treatment. The main minerals of this cement are β-C2S and calcium sulfoaluminate (C4A3Š), the latter being very reactive, which provide high performances cementitious materials. The hydrothermal treatment of raw mixture led to reduce the burning temperature of clinker up to 1200 °C. The mineral phases of the produced cements and theirs pastes were identified and quantified by XRPD coupled with Rietveld method. The hydraulic reactivity of cement was studied using XRPD and thermal analyses. The resulting mortars are very reactive and develop more than 42 MPa of compressive strengths after 28 days.UMA18-FEDERJA-095 y P18-RT-720 (ambos cofinanciados FEDER