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    Apparent N Balance in Organic and Conventional Low Input Cropping Systems

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    The determination of nutrient surplus is one of the indicators of potential N losses from the agricultural system to the environment. An experiment was started in 1998 in Central Italy to evaluate the soil surface N balance of an organic and a conventional low input cropping system over a long term crop rotation. Results at the end of a 6-year crop rotation showed an estimated N surplus in organic system 1.3-2 times higher than in conventional system while N content in the top soil was not different in the two systems, so that organic system should have involved a higher N loss from that soil layer

    Geopolymers for hazardous cations and anions inertization

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    Several waste liquors are classified as toxic or hazardous waste and represent a real burden for companies in terms of costs and treatment time. One of the most difficult to treat is the tannery waste water that represent a high pollution risk if not treated and collected properly. Geopolymeric matrix based on metakaolin has been used to treat tannery waste water without any post use treatment. The as received waste water containing tannins, chromium soluble salts, phenols, bicarbonates, and a mixture of organic compounds have been added to a geopolymeric formulation which was optimized for Cr+3 liquor [1]. Please click Additional Files below to see the full abstract

    A sensitivity study of triboson production processes to dimension-6 EFT operators at the LHC

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    We present the first parton-level study of anomalous effects in triboson production in both fully and semi-leptonic channels in proton-proton collisions at 13 TeV at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The sensitivity to anomalies induced by a minimal set of bosonic dimension-6 operators from the Warsaw basis is evaluated with specific analyses for each final state. A likelihood-based strategy is employed to assess the most sensitive kinematic observables per channel, where the contribution of Effective Field Theory operators is parameterized at either the linear or quadratic level. The impact of the mutual interference terms of pairs of operators on the sensitivity is also examined. This benchmark study explores the complementarity and overlap in sensitivity between different triboson measurements and paves the way for future analyses at the LHC experiments. The statistical combination of the considered final states allows setting stringent bounds on five bosonic Wilson coefficients

    Long-term effect of HCV eradication in patients with mixed cryoglobulinemia: A prospective, controlled, open-label, cohort study

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    Limited data are available about the efficacy of antiviral treatment in hepatitis C virus (HCV)-associated mixed cryoglobulinemia (MC), especially concerning the long-term effects of HCV eradication. The aim of this study was to evaluate the influence of MC on the virological response and the long-term effects of viral eradication on MC. We prospectively enrolled 424 HCV+ patients belonging to the following groups: MCS-HCV (121 patients with symptomatic MC); MC-HCV (132 patients with asymptomatic MC); HCV group (158 patients without MC). Peg-IFN+RBV treatment was administered according to standard protocols. Post-treatment follow-up ranged from 35 to 124 months (mean: 92.5 months). A significant difference was observed in the rate of sustained virological response (SVR) between HCV and both MC-HCV (p=0.009) and MC-HCV+MCS-HCV (p=0.014) groups. Multivariate logistic regression analysis identified cryoglobulinemia as an independent prognostic factor of non-response. The clinical-immunological response in MCS-HCV correlated with the virological one. All patients with SVR also experienced a sustained clinical response, either complete or partial. In the majority of SVR patients all MCS symptoms persistently disappeared (36 patients, 57%); in only 2 (3%) did definite MCS persist. All virological non-responders were also clinical non-responders, in spite of a transient improvement in some cases. No evolution to lymphoma was observed. For the first time we have evaluated both the effects of IFN-based therapy on HCV patients with or without MC, and with or without symptoms, and the long-term effects of viral eradication on MC. MC was shown to be a negative prognostic factor of virological response. HCV clearance led to persistent resolution or improvement of MC syndrome, strongly suggesting the need for a next generation of highly effective antiviral drugs

    Search for new particles in events with energetic jets and large missing transverse momentum in proton-proton collisions at root s=13 TeV

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    A search is presented for new particles produced at the LHC in proton-proton collisions at root s = 13 TeV, using events with energetic jets and large missing transverse momentum. The analysis is based on a data sample corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 101 fb(-1), collected in 2017-2018 with the CMS detector. Machine learning techniques are used to define separate categories for events with narrow jets from initial-state radiation and events with large-radius jets consistent with a hadronic decay of a W or Z boson. A statistical combination is made with an earlier search based on a data sample of 36 fb(-1), collected in 2016. No significant excess of events is observed with respect to the standard model background expectation determined from control samples in data. The results are interpreted in terms of limits on the branching fraction of an invisible decay of the Higgs boson, as well as constraints on simplified models of dark matter, on first-generation scalar leptoquarks decaying to quarks and neutrinos, and on models with large extra dimensions. Several of the new limits, specifically for spin-1 dark matter mediators, pseudoscalar mediators, colored mediators, and leptoquarks, are the most restrictive to date.Peer reviewe

    Probing effective field theory operators in the associated production of top quarks with a Z boson in multilepton final states at root s=13 TeV