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    Research of Lenin and Early Western Marxist Class Consciousness Thought

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    Lenin's theory of class consciousness and its revolutionary ideas have been proved in the practice of the Russian revolution, and the second and third international Marxist practice in the western developed capitalist countries were ended in failure. Early western Marxist reflected the proletarian revolution of the developed capitalist countries at the end of the First World War. Represented by early western Marxist like Lukacs, Gramsci and Kohl's critically inherited and developed the theory of Lenin's. They attached great importance to the study of ideology especially the proletarian class consciousness, and make it become a hot point in the research of Western Marxist, since Lukacs continue to post-modern. Key words: Lenin, Early Western Marxist, Class Consciousnes

    The Research on Habermas' Communicative Action Theory

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    Habermas' Communicative Action Theory is a traditional German rationalism philosophy and sociology, Mead’s symbolic interaction             theory and modern language philosophy and critical theory of comprehensive. To overcome is the purpose of this integrated division of life world and the system in the modern world. And based on the concept of the life world of ordinary, pragmatics in Habermas' view, is the necessary way for modern people to freedom. Habermas' theory of communicative action to provide the synchronic dimension of human society, show the micro social panorama, specific social system structure. Habermas structure function analysis method in a certain sense, made up for the inadequacy of Marx linear causal reduction methods, make the true nature of human society more clear and true. This method is more contemporary than Marx's historical analysis method, the correct direction of capitalist society and the development of human society has very important significance. From the ultimate goal of social criticism, the human ultimate concern, Habermas' theory of communicative action does not leave the aim. The difference between Habermas' theory of communicative action and Marx's historical materialism just lies in the way different, opinions, conclusions, etc. In this sense, Habermas' theory of communicative action and no betrayal of Marxism, the opposite is the inheritance and development of Marxism. Key words: Habermas, Theory of Communicative Action, Marxis

    How the X(5568) challenges our understanding of QCD

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    We discuss the X(5568) particle recently announced by the D0 Collaboration. Several types of models were proposed to explain this structure in the literature. As pointed out by Burns and Swanson (arXiv:1603.04366), none of them provides a satisfactory description of the observation. We provide additional arguments using general properties of QCD, and conclude that the observation of the X(5568), if confirmed, poses serious challenges to our understanding of nonperturbative QCD.Comment: 5 pages. Typos removed, a wrong statement corrected, conclusions unchanged; the LHCb preliminary result mentioned at the en