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    PHP90 Case-Mix Adjustment of Adherence-Based Pharmacy Quality Indicator Scores

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    Investigating linkage rates among probabilistically linked birth and hospitalization records

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    BACKGROUND: With the increasing use of probabilistically linked administrative data in health research, it is important to understand whether systematic differences occur between the populations with linked and unlinked records. While probabilistic linkage involves combining records for individuals, population perinatal health research requires a combination of information from both the mother and her infant(s). The aims of this study were to (i) describe probabilistic linkage for perinatal records in New South Wales (NSW) Australia, (ii) determine linkage proportions for these perinatal records, and (iii) assess records with linked mother and infant hospital-birth record, and unlinked records for systematic differences. METHODS: This is a population-based study of probabilistically linked statutory birth and hospital records from New South Wales, Australia, 2001-2008. Linkage groups were created where the birth record had complete linkage with hospital admission records for both the mother and infant(s), partial linkage (the mother only or the infant(s) only) or neither. Unlinked hospital records for mothers and infants were also examined. Rates of linkage as a percentage of birth records and descriptive statistics for maternal and infant characteristics by linkage groups were determined. RESULTS: Complete linkage (mother hospital record ‚Äď birth record ‚Äď infant hospital record) was available for 95.9% of birth records, partial linkage for 3.6%, and 0.5% with no linked hospital records (unlinked). Among live born singletons (complete linkage‚ÄČ=‚ÄČ96.5%) the mothers without linked infant records (1.6%) had slightly higher proportions of young, non-Australian born, socially disadvantaged women with adverse pregnancy outcomes. The unlinked birth records (0.4%) had slightly higher proportions of nulliparous, older, Australian born women giving birth in private hospitals by caesarean section. Stillbirths had the highest rate of unlinked records (3-4%). CONCLUSIONS: This study shows that probabilistic linkage of perinatal records can achieve high, representative levels of complete linkage. Records for mother‚Äôs that did not link to infant records and unlinked records had slightly different characteristics to fully linked records. However, these groups were small and unlikely to bias results and conclusions in a substantive way. Stillbirths present additional challenges to the linkage process due to lower rates of linkage for lower gestational ages, where most stillbirths occur

    A Rewriting-Logic-Based Technique for Modeling Thermal Systems

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    This paper presents a rewriting-logic-based modeling and analysis technique for physical systems, with focus on thermal systems. The contributions of this paper can be summarized as follows: (i) providing a framework for modeling and executing physical systems, where both the physical components and their physical interactions are treated as first-class citizens; (ii) showing how heat transfer problems in thermal systems can be modeled in Real-Time Maude; (iii) giving the implementation in Real-Time Maude of a basic numerical technique for executing continuous behaviors in object-oriented hybrid systems; and (iv) illustrating these techniques with a set of incremental case studies using realistic physical parameters, with examples of simulation and model checking analyses.Comment: In Proceedings RTRTS 2010, arXiv:1009.398


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    This report provides the main results and findings of the fifteenth annual underwater television on the Aran, Galway Bay and Slyne head Nephrops grounds, ICES assessment area; Functional Unit 17. The survey was multi-disciplinary in nature collecting UWTV, fishing, CTD and other ecosystem data. In 2016 a total of 45 UWTV stations were successfully completed, 34 on the Aran Grounds, 7 on Galway Bay and 4 on Slyne Head patches. The mean burrow density observed in 2016, adjusted for edge effect, was medium at 0.29 burrows/m¬≤. The final krigged burrow abundance estimate for the Aran Grounds was 343 million burrows with a CV (or relative standard error) of 3 %. The final abundance estimate for Galway Bay and Slyne Head was 25 and 11 million burrows with CVs of 7% and 3% respectively. The total abundance estimates have fluctuated considerably over the time series. The 2016 combined abundance estimate was 32% lower than in 2015 and at 379 million and is below the MSY Btrigger (540 million). Using the 2016 abundance estimate and updated stock data implies catch of 489 tonnes and landings of 456 tonnes in 2017 when MSY approach is applied (assuming that discard rates and fishery selection patterns do not change from the average of 2013‚Äď2015). Virgilaria mirabilis was the only sea-pen species observed on the UWTV footage. Trawl marks were present at 20% of the Aran stations surveyed

    Efeito do ensacamento dos frutos no controle de pragas e doen√ßas e na qualidade e matura√ß√£o de ma√ß√£s ‚ÄėFuji Suprema‚Äô.

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    O objetivo deste trabalho foi avaliar a efici√™ncia de embalagens de diferentes materiais para a prote√ß√£o contra pragas e doen√ßas e seu efeito sobre a qualidade f√≠sico-qu√≠mica, matura√ß√£o e teor de c√°lcio (Ca) em ma√ß√£s ‚ÄėFuji Suprema‚Äô. O experimento foi desenvolvido nas safras de 2007/2008 e 2008/2009, em pomar manejado sob o sistema org√Ęnico, localizado na regi√£o de S√£o Joaquim (SC). O pomar era composto por plantas de dez anos de idade da cultivar Fuji Suprema, sobre porta-enxerto ‚ÄėMarubakaido‚Äô, com interenxerto ‚ÄėEM-9‚Äô. Depois do raleio manual, aproximadamente 40 dias ap√≥s a plena flora√ß√£o, os frutos foram ensacados com embalagens pl√°sticas transparentes microperfuradas ou de tecido n√£o texturizado (TNT). Os frutos foram mantidos ensacados at√© a colheita. A testemunha foi constitu√≠da por frutos n√£o ensacados. Na colheita, os frutos foram avaliados quanto aos danos provocados por mosca-das-frutas (Anastrepha fraterculus), mariposa oriental (Grapholita molesta) e lagarta enroladeira (Bonagota salubricola). As doen√ßas foram avaliadas pela incid√™ncia de sarna da macieira (Venturia inaequalis), podrid√£o amarga (Colletotrichum gloeosporioides) e podrid√£o carpelar (Alternaria sp., Fusarium sp.). Tamb√©m foi avaliada a incid√™ncia de dist√ļrbios fisiol√≥gicos ‚Äúrusseting‚ÄĚ e ‚Äúbitter pit‚ÄĚ, atributos f√≠sico-qu√≠micos de matura√ß√£o e qualidade e o teor de Ca nos frutos. Independentemente do tipo de embalagem verificou-se que o ensacamento √© pr√°tica eficaz na prote√ß√£o contra o ataque de insetos, mas n√£o reduz a incid√™ncia e o desenvolvimento de doen√ßas nos frutos. Na safra de 2008/2009, o ensacamento dos frutos aumentou o teor de Ca e reduziu a incid√™ncia de ‚Äúbitter pit‚ÄĚ, e aumentou a incid√™ncia do ‚Äúrusseting‚ÄĚ. O ensacamento dos frutos antecipou a matura√ß√£o, especialmente com embalagem pl√°stica transparente microperfurada, e reduziu a colora√ß√£o vermelha, especialmente com embalagem TNT

    The <i>Castalia</i> mission to Main Belt Comet 133P/Elst-Pizarro

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    We describe Castalia, a proposed mission to rendezvous with a Main Belt Comet (MBC), 133P/Elst-Pizarro. MBCs are a recently discovered population of apparently icy bodies within the main asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, which may represent the remnants of the population which supplied the early Earth with water. Castalia will perform the first exploration of this population by characterising 133P in detail, solving the puzzle of the MBC’s activity, and making the first in situ measurements of water in the asteroid belt. In many ways a successor to ESA’s highly successful Rosetta mission, Castalia will allow direct comparison between very different classes of comet, including measuring critical isotope ratios, plasma and dust properties. It will also feature the first radar system to visit a minor body, mapping the ice in the interior. Castalia was proposed, in slightly different versions, to the ESA M4 and M5 calls within the Cosmic Vision programme. We describe the science motivation for the mission, the measurements required to achieve the scientific goals, and the proposed instrument payload and spacecraft to achieve these
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