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    On unbounded bodies with finite mass: asymptotic behaviour

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    There is introduced a class of barotropic equations of state (EOS) which become polytropic of index n=5n = 5 at low pressure. One then studies asymptotically flat solutions of the static Einstein equations coupled to perfect fluids having such an EOS. It is shown that such solutions, in the same manner as the vacuum ones, are conformally smooth or analytic at infinity, when the EOS is smooth or analytic, respectively.Comment: 6 page

    TT-tensors and conformally flat structures on 3-manifolds

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    We study transverse-tracefree (TT)-tensors on conformally flat 3-manifolds (M,g)(M,g). The Cotton-York tensor linearized at gg maps every symmetric tracefree tensor into one which is TT. The question as to whether this is the general solution to the TT-condition is viewed as a cohomological problem within an elliptic complex first found by Gasqui and Goldschmidt and reviewed in the present paper. The question is answered affirmatively when MM is simply connected and has vanishing 2nd de Rham cohomology.Comment: 11 page

    Bowen-York Tensors

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    There is derived, for a conformally flat three-space, a family of linear second-order partial differential operators which send vectors into tracefree, symmetric two-tensors. These maps, which are parametrized by conformal Killing vectors on the three-space, are such that the divergence of the resulting tensor field depends only on the divergence of the original vector field. In particular these maps send source-free electric fields into TT-tensors. Moreover, if the original vector field is the Coulomb field on R3\{0}\mathbb{R}^3\backslash \lbrace0\rbrace, the resulting tensor fields on R3\{0}\mathbb{R}^3\backslash \lbrace0\rbrace are nothing but the family of TT-tensors originally written down by Bowen and York.Comment: 12 pages, Contribution to CQG Special Issue "A Spacetime Safari: Essays in Honour of Vincent Moncrief

    The isometry groups of asymptotically flat, asymptotically empty space-times with timelike ADM four-momentum

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    We give a complete classification of all connected isometry groups, together with their actions in the asymptotic region, in asymptotically flat, asymptotically vacuum space--times with timelike ADM four--momentum.Comment: Latex with amssymb, 16 page

    Celestial mechanics of elastic bodies

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    We construct time independent configurations of two gravitating elastic bodies. These configurations either correspond to the two bodies moving in a circular orbit around their center of mass or strictly static configurations.Comment: 16 pages, 2 figures, several typos removed, erratum appeared in MathZ.263:233,200

    Initial Data for General Relativity with Toroidal Conformal Symmetry

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    A new class of time-symmetric solutions to the initial value constraints of vacuum General Relativity is introduced. These data are globally regular, asymptotically flat (with possibly several asymptotic ends) and in general have no isometries, but a U(1)√óU(1)U(1)\times U(1) group of conformal isometries. After decomposing the Lichnerowicz conformal factor in a double Fourier series on the group orbits, the solutions are given in terms of a countable family of uncoupled ODEs on the orbit space.Comment: REVTEX, 9 pages, ESI Preprint 12

    Helical Solutions in Scalar Gravity

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    We construct solutions, for small values of GG and angular frequency ő©\Omega, of special relativistic scalar gravity coupled to ideally elastic matter which have helical but no stationary or axial symmetry. They correspond to a body without any symmetries in steady rotation around one of its axes of inertia, or two bodies moving on a circle around their center of gravity. Our construction is rigorous, but modulo an unproved conjecture on the differentiability of a certain functional.Comment: 11 page

    Initial data for stationary space-times near space-like infinity

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    We study Cauchy initial data for asymptotically flat, stationary vacuum space-times near space-like infinity. The fall-off behavior of the intrinsic metric and the extrinsic curvature is characterized. We prove that they have an analytic expansion in powers of a radial coordinate. The coefficients of the expansion are analytic functions of the angles. This result allow us to fill a gap in the proof found in the literature of the statement that all asymptotically flat, vacuum stationary space-times admit an analytic compactification at null infinity. Stationary initial data are physical important and highly non-trivial examples of a large class of data with similar regularity properties at space-like infinity, namely, initial data for which the metric and the extrinsic curvature have asymptotic expansion in terms of powers of a radial coordinate. We isolate the property of the stationary data which is responsible for this kind of expansion.Comment: LaTeX 2e, no figures, 12 page
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