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    Study of hard QCD at the Tevatron

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    Recent measurements of photon, jet, and boson+jet production from the CDF and D0 Collaborations are presented. NLO pQCD describes most of the results except for the shapes of inclusive isolated photon and Îł+jet differential cross-section measurements. Calculations involving matrix elements matched to parton showers agree with the data except at low pT . Limits on several exotic models are set based on dijet distributions

    Search for associated Higgs boson production using like charge dilepton events in p(p)over-bar collisions at root s=1.96 TeV

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    We present a search for associated Higgs boson production in the process p (p) over bar -> W/ZH -> l(+/-)l'(+/-) + X in ee, e mu, and mu mu final states. The search is based on data collected by the D0 experiment at the Fermilab Tevatron Collider at root s = 1.96 TeV corresponding to 5.3 fb(-1) of integrated luminosity. We require two isolated leptons (electrons or muons) with the same electric charge and additional kinematic requirements. No significant excess above background is observed, and we set 95% C. L. observed (expected) upper limits on ratio of the production cross section to the standard model prediction of 6.4 (7.3) for a Higgs boson mass of 165 GeV and 13.5 (19.8) for a mass of 115 GeV

    Evidence for Parton kT Effects in High pT Particle Production

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    Inclusive pizero and direct-photon cross sections in the kinematic range 3.5 < pT < 12 GeV/c with central rapidities are presented for 530 and 800 GeV/c proton beams and a 515 GeV/c pi- beam incident on beryllium targets. Current Next-to-Leading-Order perturbative QCD calculations fail to adequately describe the data for conventional choices of scales. Kinematic distributions from these hard scattering events provide evidence that the interacting partons carry significant initial-state parton transverse momentum (kT). Incorporating these kT effects phenomenologically greatly improves the agreement between calculations and the measured cross sections.Comment: 11 pages including 6 pages of figures with caption

    Simultaneous measurement of the ratio B(t->Wb)/B(t->Wq) and the top quark pair production cross section with the D0 detector at sqrt(s)=1.96 TeV

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    We present the first simultaneous measurement of the ratio of branching fractions, R=B(t->Wb)/B(t->Wq), with q being a d, s, or b quark, and the top quark pair production cross section sigma_ttbar in the lepton plus jets channel using 0.9 fb-1 of ppbar collision data at sqrt(s)=1.96 TeV collected with the D0 detector. We extract R and sigma_ttbar by analyzing samples of events with 0, 1 and >= 2 identified b jets. We measure R = 0.97 +0.09-0.08 (stat+syst) and sigma_ttbar = 8.18 +0.90-0.84 (stat+syst)} +/-0.50 (lumi) pb, in agreement with the standard model prediction.Comment: submitted to Phys.Rev.Letter
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