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    At the Edge of the Modern?: Diplomacy, Public Relations, and Media Practices During Houphouët-Boigny\u27s 1962 Visit to the United States

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    Toward the end of the first decade after the decolonization of most African countries, there emerged a scholarly polemic about the weight of bureaucratic politics in the making of foreign policy in the Third World. A mirror of the reigning modernization paradigm that informed most postwar area studies and social sciences, the discussion unintentionally indexed the narcissism of a hegemonic discourse on political development and statecraft. Graham Allison and Morton Halperin—the original proponents of the bureaucratic model—implied in their largely U.S.-centric model that such a paradigm was not applicable to non-industrialized countries since the newly decolonized countries, for the most part, lacked the institutional/organizational base and political tradition needed to conduct a modern foreign policy. Félix Houphouët- Boigny—leader of the newly independent Ivory Coast—was hardly mentioned in the scholarly debates on the bureaucratic model. Yet one can use the conjuncture of his visit to the United States in May 1962 to explore the arguments developed by the protagonists in the polemic that ensued the publication of the Allison-Halperin theory

    An Unconventional Challenge to Apartheid: The Ivorian Dialogue Diplomacy with South Africa, 1960-1978

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    This article focuses on the dialogue diplomacy that Ivorian President Félix Houphouët-Boigny initiated in the late 1960s to engage apartheid South Africa. Although contemporary observers and subsequent scholars (have) derided the scheme as an act of acquiescence and even betrayal, I argue that Ivory Coast\u27s dialogue diplomacy was neither accommodationist nor dependent on the prodding of neocolonial powers such as France. A Pan-Africanist extension of the home-grown neotraditional practice of Dialogue ivoirienne, the diplomatic initiative never got the backing of other African states. A close analysis of the Ivory Coast\u27s maneuvers in the context of an increasing radicalization of the anti-apartheid movement sheds a new light on the complexity of the transnational politics to defeat apartheid

    Counter-polarized single-photon generation from the auxiliary cavity of a weakly nonlinear photonic molecule

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    We propose a scheme for the resonant generation of counter-polarized single photons in double asymmetric cavities with a small Kerr optical nonlinearity (as that created by a semiconductor quantum well) compared to the mode broadening. Due to the interplay between spatial intercavity tunneling and polarization coupling, by weakly exciting with circularly polarized light one of the cavities, we predict strong antibunching of counter-polarized light emission from the non-pumped auxiliary cavity. This scheme due to quantum interference is robust against surface scattering of pumping light, which can be suppressed both by spatial and polarization filters
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