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    Investigating the appropriateness and relevance of mobile web accessibility guidelines

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    The Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) develop and maintain guidelines for making the web more accessible to people with disabilities. WCAG 2.0 and the MWBP 1.0 are internationally regarded as the industry standard guidelines for web accessibility. Mobile testing sessions conducted by AbilityNet document issues raised by users in a report format, relating issues to guidelines wherever possible. This paper presents the results of a preliminary investigation that examines how effectively and easily these issues can be related by experts to the guidelines provided by WCAG 2.0 and MWBP 1.0. Copyright 2014 ACM

    A qualitative study to explore the help seeking views relating to depression among older Black Caribbean adults living in the UK

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    Numbers of older adults are rising globally. In the UK, rates of mental ill-health are thought to be higher in Black Asian and Minority Ethnic community than in the white population. Older adults from BAME groups are an under researched group. It is important to understand the experiences and beliefs that underlie help seeking behaviour among BAME older adults to deliver effective, culturally appropriate and accessible services. This study aims to explore help seeking views and strategies utilised in relation to depression among older Black Caribbean people in the UK. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 8 UK Black Caribbean participants, aged between 65-79 years. Transcripts were analysed using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis. Three master themes emerged from the analysis: 1. ‚ÄúIf you don‚Äôt know, you don‚Äôt seek help 2. ‚Äė..I knew I was depressed‚ÄĚ: 3. ‚ÄúYou have to decide‚ÄĚ: Attitudes to help seeking and mental health service use. Participants‚Äô past personal experiences of coping with depression, including migratory histories, cultural and religious views and personal relationships influenced their help seeking views and preferred coping methods for depression

    Analysis and application of digital spectral warping in analog and mixed-signal testing

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    Spectral warping is a digital signal processing transform which shifts the frequencies contained within a signal along the frequency axis. The Fourier transform coefficients of a warped signal correspond to frequency-domain 'samples' of the original signal which are unevenly spaced along the frequency axis. This property allows the technique to be efficiently used for DSP-based analog and mixed-signal testing. The analysis and application of spectral warping for test signal generation, response analysis, filter design, frequency response evaluation, etc. are discussed in this paper along with examples of the software and hardware implementation

    Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation (NAS)

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    The history of the Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation Program, which is designed to provide a leading-edge capability to computational aerodynamicists, is traced back to its origin in 1975. Factors motivating its development and examples of solutions to successively refined forms of the governing equations are presented. The NAS Processing System Network and each of its eight subsystems are described in terms of function and initial performance goals. A proposed usage allocation policy is discussed and some initial problems being readied for solution on the NAS system are identified

    High accuracy results for the energy levels of the molecular ions H2+, D2+ and HD+, up to J=2

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    We present a nonrelativistic calculation of the rotation-vibration levels of the molecular ions H2+, D2+ and HD+, relying on the diagonalization of the exact three-body Hamiltonian. The J=2 levels are obtained with a very high accuracy of 10^{-14} a.u. (for most levels) representing an improvement by five orders of magnitude over previous calculations. The accuracy is also improved for the J=1 levels of H2+ and D2+ with respect to earlier works. Moreover, we have computed the sensitivities of the energy levels with respect to the mass ratios, allowing these levels to be used for metrological purposes.Comment: 11 page

    The Bayesian Decision Tree Technique with a Sweeping Strategy

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    The uncertainty of classification outcomes is of crucial importance for many safety critical applications including, for example, medical diagnostics. In such applications the uncertainty of classification can be reliably estimated within a Bayesian model averaging technique that allows the use of prior information. Decision Tree (DT) classification models used within such a technique gives experts additional information by making this classification scheme observable. The use of the Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methodology of stochastic sampling makes the Bayesian DT technique feasible to perform. However, in practice, the MCMC technique may become stuck in a particular DT which is far away from a region with a maximal posterior. Sampling such DTs causes bias in the posterior estimates, and as a result the evaluation of classification uncertainty may be incorrect. In a particular case, the negative effect of such sampling may be reduced by giving additional prior information on the shape of DTs. In this paper we describe a new approach based on sweeping the DTs without additional priors on the favorite shape of DTs. The performances of Bayesian DT techniques with the standard and sweeping strategies are compared on a synthetic data as well as on real datasets. Quantitatively evaluating the uncertainty in terms of entropy of class posterior probabilities, we found that the sweeping strategy is superior to the standard strategy

    Iridovirus from bees

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    An iridovirus, Apis iridescent virus (AIV), isolated from sick adult specimens of Apis cerana (Hymenoptera) from Kashmir, closely resembles iridescent viruses from Tipula and Sericesthis spp. (TIV and SIV). However, AIV is only distantly related serologically to TIV and SIV and is even moderately related to several other similar viruses that were tested in tube precipitation tests with intact particles. AIV multiplied in Apis mellifera, forming cytoplasmic iridescent crystalline aggregates in several tissues, but unlike all the other iridoviruses tested, it failed to multiply in Galleria mellonella

    Lorentz-Violating Electrostatics and Magnetostatics

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    The static limit of Lorentz-violating electrodynamics in vacuum and in media is investigated. Features of the general solutions include the need for unconventional boundary conditions and the mixing of electrostatic and magnetostatic effects. Explicit solutions are provided for some simple cases. Electromagnetostatics experiments show promise for improving existing sensitivities to parity-odd coefficients for Lorentz violation in the photon sector.Comment: 9 page
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