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    A new timing detector for the CT-PPS project

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    The CT-PPS detector will be installed close to the beamline on both sides of CMS, 200 m downstream the interaction point. This detector will measure forward scattered protons, allowing detailed studies of diffractive hadron physics and Central Exclusive Production. The main components of the CT-PPS detector are a silicon tracking system and a timing system. In this contribution, we present the proposal of an innovative solution for the timing system, based on Ultra-Fast Silicon Detectors (UFSD). UFSD is a novel concept of silicon detectors potentially able to obtain the necessary time resolution (‚ąľ20 ps on the proton arrival time). The use of UFSD has also other attractive features as its material budget is small and the pixel geometries can be tailored to the precise physics distribution of protons. UFSD prototypes for CT-PPS have been designed by CNM (Barcelona) and FBK (Trento): we will present the status of the sensor productions and of the low-noise front-end electronics currently under development and test

    Silicon sensors with resistive read-out: Machine Learning techniques for ultimate spatial resolution

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    Resistive AC-coupled Silicon Detectors (RSDs) are based on the Low Gain Avalanche Diode (LGAD) technology, characterized by a continuous gain layer, and by the innovative introduction of resistive read-out. Thanks to a novel electrode design aimed at maximizing signal sharing, RSD2, the second RSD production by Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK), achieves a position resolution on the whole pixel surface of about 8 őľm\mu m for 200-őľm\mu m pitch. RSD2 arrays have been tested using a Transient Current Technique setup equipped with a 16-channel digitizer, and results on spatial resolution have been obtained with machine learning algorithms.Comment: 2 pages, 2 figur

    ECAL Front-End Monitoring in the CMS experiment

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    The CMS detector at LHC is equipped with a high precision lead tungstate crystal electromagnetic calorimeter (ECAL). The front-end boards and the photodetectors are monitored using a network of DCU (Detector Control Unit) chips located on the detector electronics. The DCU data are accessible through token rings controlled by an XDAQ based software component. Relevant parameters are transferred to DCS (Detector Control System) and stored into the Condition DataBase. The operational experience from the ECAL commissioning at the CMS experimental cavern is discussed and summarized

    Laboratory and beam test results of TOFFEE ASIC and ultra fast silicon detectors

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    In this report we present measurements performed on the full custom ASIC TOFFEE, designed to pre-amplify and discriminate signals of Ultra Fast Silicon Detectors. The ASIC has been characterized in laboratory with custom test boards, and with infrared laser light hitting the sensor emulating a minimum ionizing particle signal. Laser measurements show that a jitter term better than 50 (40) ps is achievable with a 10 (12) fC input charge.We also present some preliminary results on the TOFFEE performances, as obtained during recent beam tests with a 180 GeV/c pion beam, on the SPS-H8 beam line at CERN.Peer Reviewe

    O Serviço Psiquiátrico de Diagnóstico e Tratamento no Hospital Geral: usuários e novas urgências

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    El Servizio di psichiatrico Diagnosis and Healing (SPDC), que naci√≥ como una representaci√≥n del "territorio" dentro de la realidad del hospital. Objetivos. El objetivo de la investigaci√≥n es mostrar qu√© nuevas emergencias en SPDC y c√≥mo estas situaciones han cambiado en el pasado. Tres estudios diferentes se planearon. El primer estudio analiz√≥ el principio de los trastornos esquizofr√©nicos en el primer contacto con los servicios psiqui√°tricos, para evaluar una posible correlaci√≥n entre la aparici√≥n de la esquizofrenia y el abuso de sustancias de 136 pacientes ingresados en el Consejo de Estado, en el per√≠odo comprendido entre 2001 y 2007. El segundo estudio evalu√≥ retrospectivamente a partir de 1985 a 1998, compar√°ndolos con los del trienio 2007-2009. Y por √ļltimo, el tercer estudio midi√≥ la tasa de agotamiento de casi todos los operadores de casi todos piamonteses SPDC. En todos los estudios publicados, las escalas psicopatol√≥gicas se han utilizado y reconocido pruebas. En 130 episodios esquizofr√©nicos, el 46,1% tiene una anamnesis positiva para el abuso de sustancias. Estos pacientes muestran una mayor resistencia al tratamiento inicial con hospitalizaciones m√°s largas. El an√°lisis mostr√≥ alteraciones, a trav√©s de los a√Īos, una reducci√≥n en las hospitalizaciones por psicosis esquizofr√©nica, lo que contrasta con un aumento en las hospitalizaciones por trastornos de la personalidad y agitaci√≥n psicomotora. El an√°lisis de las tasas de agotamiento, la mayor√≠a de los operadores tienen valores medio-alto agotamiento emocional y despersonalizaci√≥n, mientras que el 47% tiene baja realizaci√≥n personal. Estas condiciones psicopatol√≥gicas casi siempre se asocia con una mayor carga para la asistencia social que se refleja operadores con el mismo riesgo de burnout

    Measurement of the decay rate and the parameter őĪK* of the decay KL ‚Üí őľőľő≥

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    The rate of the decay of the neutral K meson into KL0 ‚Üí őľőľő≥ has been measured with the NA48 detector at the CERN SPS. A total of 59 events has been observed with an estimated background of 14 events. The overall Kaon flux was determined to be 1.2 √ó 109. This observation corresponds to a branching ratio of (3.4 ¬Ī 0.6stat ¬Ī 0.4sys √ó 10-7. Using this branching ratio the parameter őĪK* describing the relative strength of the two contributing amplitudes to this decay, through intermediate pseudoscalar or vectorlike mesons, was measured to be őĪK* = -0.04+-0.21+0.24

    Search for heavy neutral lepton production in K+ decays

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    A search for heavy neutral lepton production in K + decays using a data sample collected with a minimum bias trigger by the NA62 experiment at CERN in 2015 is reported. Upper limits at the 10‚ąí7 to 10‚ąí6 level are established on the elements of the extended neutrino mixing matrix |Ue4| 2 and |Uőľ4| 2 for heavy neutral lepton mass in the ranges 170‚Äď448 MeV/c2 and 250‚Äď373 MeV/c2, respectively. This improves on the previous limits from HNL production searches over the whole mass range considered for |Ue4|2 and above 300 MeV/c2 for |Uőľ4|2

    Juxtaposing BTE and ATE ‚Äď on the role of the European insurance industry in funding civil litigation

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    One of the ways in which legal services are financed, and indeed shaped, is through private insurance arrangement. Two contrasting types of legal expenses insurance contracts (LEI) seem to dominate in Europe: before the event (BTE) and after the event (ATE) legal expenses insurance. Notwithstanding institutional differences between different legal systems, BTE and ATE insurance arrangements may be instrumental if government policy is geared towards strengthening a market-oriented system of financing access to justice for individuals and business. At the same time, emphasizing the role of a private industry as a keeper of the gates to justice raises issues of accountability and transparency, not readily reconcilable with demands of competition. Moreover, multiple actors (clients, lawyers, courts, insurers) are involved, causing behavioural dynamics which are not easily predicted or influenced. Against this background, this paper looks into BTE and ATE arrangements by analysing the particularities of BTE and ATE arrangements currently available in some European jurisdictions and by painting a picture of their respective markets and legal contexts. This allows for some reflection on the performance of BTE and ATE providers as both financiers and keepers. Two issues emerge from the analysis that are worthy of some further reflection. Firstly, there is the problematic long-term sustainability of some ATE products. Secondly, the challenges faced by policymakers that would like to nudge consumers into voluntarily taking out BTE LEI

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