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    Special Education as Spiritual Warfare

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    This article reflects on a theology of exceptionalities and the hermeneutics of special education, and develops the notion that there is an aspect of special education which can be understood as spiritual warfare. The main thesis is that providing access to an appropriate and least restrictive education for people with disabilities involves “demolishing strongholds” (2 Corinthians 10:4): removing barriers of ignorance, prejudice, stereotype, cultural mythology, and misconception as to disability and the personal worth surrounding individuals who have disabilities. The discussion is situated within the context of Nicholas Wolterstorff”s work on teaching for shalom (2002, 2004). After defining the biblical concept of shalom and its relationship to education, the Christian’s involvement in spiritual warfare is examined. Special education is then expressed as an aspect of spiritual warfare with implications drawn regarding inclusive programs and practices that promote reconciliation and recognition of interdependence, thereby encouraging shalom in the educational community

    Fertilizer and Stormwater Runoff Outreach Program in Newcastle, NH

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    The New Hampshire Coastal Protection Partnership (NH Coast) implemented a year long pilot public education and outreach program in the Town of New Castle aimed at reducing nitrogen pollution from lawn fertilizers and promoting rain gardens as a solution to storm water runoff and nonpoint source pollution. A total of 77 landowners representing 138 acres of land pledged to either not use lawn fertilizers or use only low phosphorus, slow release nitrogen brands. The program also resulted in the installation of New Castle’s first demonstration rain garden

    The Teacher as Servant Leader: Revisited

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    This essay revisits an original conference proceedings chapter from 1997, examining the biblical and educational underpinnings for the concept of teacher and servant leader

    Hilary Putnam (1926-2016): A Lifetime Quest to Understand the Relationship between Mind, Language, and Reality

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    This is an extended intellectual obituary for Hilary Putna

    “This is the Way I Was”: Urban Ethics, Temporal Logics, and the Politics of Cure

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    This article employs Eli Clare\u27s concept of the politics of cure in order to discuss issues of disability, temporality, and ethical relations to rehabilitation, restoration, and cure in the Sex and the (Motor) City: Ecologies of Middlesex special cluster
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