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    Cryptanalysis of a computer cryptography scheme based on a filter bank

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    This paper analyzes the security of a recently-proposed signal encryption scheme based on a filter bank. A very critical weakness of this new signal encryption procedure is exploited in order to successfully recover the associated secret key.Comment: 6 pages, 1 figur

    Beyond the String Genus

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    In an earlier work we used a path integral analysis to propose a higher genus generalization of the elliptic genus. We found a cobordism invariant parametrized by Teichmuller space. Here we simplify the formula and study the behavior of our invariant under the action of the mapping class group of the Riemann surface. We find that our invariant is a modular function with multiplier just as in genus one.Comment: 40 pages, 1 figur

    Union Leadership Development as Driver of Equity and Inclusion

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    Analysis generated for the research project on Young Workers and the Labor Movement highlighted the need for innovative leadership development if young workers are to be integrated into an increasingly diverse workers’ movement, and unleashed to provide leadership in established institutions that face a radically changing economy and workforce. We examine one successful leadership development program: the New York State AFL-CIO/Cornell Union Leadership Institute. We look at the theoretical underpinnings, development, and outcomes of this multi-union, multi-sector program over the past 17 years, note its impact on the New York regional labor movement, and analyze the key factors accounting for the program’s successful development of innovative-minded young labor leaders. Those factors venturing beyond the traditional “skill-building “ approach of most labor leadership training toward a more transformational model of leadership development; an emphasis on experiential learning, using a variety of learning modes; providing a safe space and what Kurt Lewin describes as “a community of practice” where difficult challenges can be tackled collectively; and using leadership development as a tool to build inclusion and solidarity across many dimensions of difference, including age, race, gender, ethnicity, sector, able-ness, education level, industry, and more

    Black Holes Without Coordinates

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    These lectures describe how to study the geometry of some black holes without the use of coordinates.Comment: 10 pages, 2 figures. Lectures presented at the Cargese Summer School, "Theory and Particle Physics: the LHC perspective and beyond" (June 16 to June 28, 2008). This paper is a sequel to gr-qc/070111

    Geometry of T-duality

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    A "reduced" differential geometry adapted to the presence of abelian isometries is constructed.Classical T-duality diagonalizes in this setting, allowing us to get conveniently the transformation of the relevant geometrical objects such as connections, pullbacks and generalized curvatures.Moreover we can induce privileged maps from the viewpoint of the covariant derivatives in the target-space and in the world-sheet generalizing previous results, at the same time that we can correct connections and curvatures covariantly in order to have a proper transformation under T-duality.Comment: Latex, 18 page

    Some General Problems in Quantum Gravity II: The Three Dimensional Case

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    The general problems of three-dimensional quantum gravity are recatitulated here, putting the emphasis on the mathematical problems of defining the measure of the path integral over all three-dimensional metrics.This work should be viewed as an extension of a preceding one on the four dimensional case (\cite{kn:eav5}), where also some general ideas are discussed in detail. We finally put forward some suggestions on the lines one could expect further progress in the field.Comment: 22 page

    How Increased Motivation Levels Can Lead to Increased Cardiovascular Endurance and Muscular Strength

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    The purpose of physical education programs in schools across the nation is to make students who pass the class into “physically educated” students; hence, the name of the class. A physically educated student possesses a set of characteristics developed by repeated exposure to effective physical education environments. One of the most important qualities a physically educated student possesses is that they “value physical activity and its contributions to a healthy lifestyle.” However, when high school students on the brink of adulthood do not possess attitudes that value regular physical activity, the goal of the physical education class becomes harder to reach. Through differentiation of physical education curriculum, teachers can increase levels of student autonomy, therefore increasing their motivation to participate in regular physical activity. A NASPE questionnaire can be administered to the class in order to gather a baseline reading of their motivation levels before a strength and conditioning unit begins. After both the educator and the students have completed the differentiated curriculum and physical activities, the questionnaire can be administered again. By comparing the results of the post-instruction motivational questionnaire and the recorded progress of each student on individual fitness logs, the effectiveness of the differentiated curriculum may be assessed

    The Law of Sports. By John Weistart and Cym Lowell.

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    This report gives an overview of methods and approaches applicable to the UAV flight path and sensor aiming planning problem for search and track of multiple ground targets. The main focus of the survey is on stochastic optimal control, dynamic programming, partially observable Markov decision processes, sensor scheduling, bearings-only tracking, search and exploration. References to standard texts, as well as more recent research results, are given
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