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    Impact of work environment perceptions and communication satisfaction on the intention to quit: an empirical analysis of nurses in Saudi Arabia

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    Objective In consideration of the current nursing shortage in Saudi Arabia, we aimed to investigate the association among perceptions of work environment, communication satisfaction, and intentions to quit nursing profession among nurses. In addition, we aimed to investigate the mediating effect of communication satisfaction on the association between nurses‚Äô perception of work environment and their intentions to quit nursing profession. Methods This predictive correlational study was conducted at one of the major hospitals in Saudi Arabia from January 2020 to March 2020. It included a convenience sample of 367 full-time registered nurses who completed three types of close-ended questionnaires. We used IBM SPSS version 24.0 to analyze the collected data. Regression analyses were used to test the study‚Äôs hypotheses. All regression assumptions were assessed and confirmed. Significance for all tests was set at p ‚ȧ .05. Results The findings indicated an affirmative association between work environment perception and communication satisfaction (b = .764, p < .05) among nurses. In addition, findings showed that work environment perception (b = ‚ąí.187, p < .05) and communication satisfaction (b = ‚ąí.226, p < .05) have negative impacts on the nurses‚Äô intentions to quit; indicating that as work environment perception or communication satisfaction increases, the intention to quit decreases among nurses. Further, a mediation effect of communication satisfaction on the relationship between work environment perception and intention to quit was confirmed. Conclusion This study presents a novel conceptual framework developed based on the literature about the predisposing factors for nurses‚Äô intentions to quit nursing profession. Our results suggest that work environment perception and communication satisfaction among the most contributing factors for nurses resignation. Effective communication was established as a crucial factor for establishing attractive and healthy working environment. Nursing managers can benefit by applying these findings to develop appropriate strategies to inhibit the shortage of nurses in Saudi Arabia

    Production and validation of industrially produced large-sized GEM foils for the Phase-2 upgrade of the CMS muon spectrometer

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    The upgrade of the CMS detector for the high luminosity LHC (HL-LHC) will include gas electron multiplier (GEM) detectors in the end-cap muon spectrometer. Due to the limited supply of large area GEM detectors, the Korean CMS (KCMS) collaboration had formed a consortium with Mecaro Co., Ltd. to serve as a supplier of GEM foils with area of approximately 0.6 m2^{2}. The consortium has developed a double-mask etching technique for production of these large-sized GEM foils. This article describes the production, quality control, and quality assessment (QA/QC) procedures and the mass production status for the GEM foils. Validation procedures indicate that the structure of the Korean foils are in the designed range. Detectors employing the Korean foils satisfy the requirements of the HL-LHC in terms of the effective gain, response uniformity, rate capability, discharge probability, and hardness against discharges. No aging phenomena were observed with a charge collection of 82 mC/cm2^{2}. Mass production of KCMS GEM foils is currently in progress

    Measurement of the double-differential inclusive jet cross section in proton-proton collisions at s\sqrt{s} = 5.02 TeV

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    International audienceThe inclusive jet cross section is measured as a function of jet transverse momentum pTp_\mathrm{T} and rapidity yy. The measurement is performed using proton-proton collision data at s\sqrt{s} = 5.02 TeV, recorded by the CMS experiment at the LHC, corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 27.4 pb‚ąí1^{-1}. The jets are reconstructed with the anti-kTk_\mathrm{T} algorithm using a distance parameter of RR = 0.4, within the rapidity interval ‚ą£y‚ą£\lvert y\rvert<\lt 2, and across the kinematic range 0.06 <\ltpTp_\mathrm{T}<\lt 1 TeV. The jet cross section is unfolded from detector to particle level using the determined jet response and resolution. The results are compared to predictions of perturbative quantum chromodynamics, calculated at both next-to-leading order and next-to-next-to-leading order. The predictions are corrected for nonperturbative effects, and presented for a variety of parton distribution functions and choices of the renormalization/factorization scales and the strong coupling őĪS\alpha_\mathrm{S}

    Measurements of inclusive and differential cross sections for the Higgs boson production and decay to four-leptons in proton-proton collisions at s\sqrt{s} = 13 TeV