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    The Effect of Technological Skills on Developing Problem Solving Skills: The Moderating Role of Academic Achievement

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    This study examined the effect of technological skills and academic achievement on developing problem-solving skills and investigated the moderating effect of academic achievement on the effect of technological skills on developing problemsolving skills. This study's population consists of all secondary school students in the Directorate of Education in the Southern Mazar region in Jordan. 302 students’ secondary school students were selected as random sampling techniques were used to conduct this study. A quantitative approach in the form of an online questionnaire-based survey was performed to achieve the objectives of the study. The software utilized for analysis was SPSS 23 and SmartPLS-3. The results indicated that technological skills have a positive and significant impact on developing problem-solving skills with scores of R2 is 0.664. In contrast, academic achievement has an insignificant effect on developing problem-solving skills with scores of R2 is 0.035. However, the academic achievement was able to strengthen the positive relationship between technological skills and developing problemsolving skills that the improved level of R2 from 0.664 to 0.677