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    Calculation of the incremental stress-strain relation of a polygonal packing

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    The constitutive relation of the quasi-static deformation on two dimensional packed samples of polygons is calculated using molecular dynamic simulations. The stress values at which the system remains stable are bounded by a failure surface, that shows a power law dependence on the pressure. Below the failure surface, non linear elasticity and plastic deformation are obtained, which are evaluated in the framework of the incremental linear theory. The results shows that the stiffness tensor can be directly related to the micro-contact rearrangements. The plasticity obeys a non-associated flow rule, with a plastic limit surface that does not agree with the failure surface.Comment: 11 pages, 20 figur

    Monte Carlo study of the spin-glass phase of the site-diluted dipolar Ising model

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    By tempered Monte Carlo simulations, we study site-diluted Ising systems of magnetic dipoles. All dipoles are randomly placed on a fraction x of all L^3 sites of a simple cubic lattice, and point along a given crystalline axis. For x_c< x<=1, where x_c = 0.65, we find an antiferromagnetic phase below a temperature which vanishes as x tends to x_c from above. At lower values of x, we find an equilibrium spin-glass (SG) phase below a temperature given by k_B T_{sg} = x e_d, where e_d is a nearest neighbor dipole-dipole interaction energy. We study (a) the relative mean square deviation D_q^2 of |q|, where q is the SG overlap parameter, and (b) xi_L/L, where xi_L is a correlation length. From their variation with temperature and system size, we determine T_{sg}. In the SG phase, we find (i) the mean values and decrease algebraically with L as L increases, (ii) double peaked, but wide, distributions of q/ appear to be independent of L, and (iii) xi_L/L rises with L at constant T, but extrapolations to 1/L -> 0 give finite values. All of this is consistent with quasi-long-range order in the SG phase.Comment: 15 LaTeX pages, 15 figures, 3 tables. (typos fixed in Appendix A

    Critical point symmetries in boson-fermion systems. The case of shape transition in odd nuclei in a multi-orbit model

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    We investigate phase transitions in boson-fermion systems. We propose an analytically solvable model (E(5/12)) to describe odd nuclei at the critical point in the transition from the spherical to γ\gamma-unstable behaviour. In the model, a boson core described within the Bohr Hamiltonian interacts with an unpaired particle assumed to be moving in the three single particle orbitals j=1/2,3/2,5/2. Energy spectra and electromagnetic transitions at the critical point compare well with the results obtained within the Interacting Boson Fermion Model, with a boson-fermion Hamiltonian that describes the same physical situation.Comment: Phys. Rev. Lett. (in press

    Encoding algebraic power series

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    Algebraic power series are formal power series which satisfy a univariate polynomial equation over the polynomial ring in n variables. This relation determines the series only up to conjugacy. Via the Artin-Mazur theorem and the implicit function theorem it is possible to describe algebraic series completely by a vector of polynomials in n+p variables. This vector will be the code of the series. In the paper, it is then shown how to manipulate algebraic series through their code. In particular, the Weierstrass division and the Grauert-Hironaka-Galligo division will be performed on the level of codes, thus providing a finite algorithm to compute the quotients and the remainder of the division.Comment: 35 page
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