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    An implementation of the Dilkstra algorithm for fuzzy costs (Technical report 2018)

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    This report presents an implementation the Dijkstra algorithm applied to a type V fuzz graph. This new algorithm can find the shortest path in a graph with edge costs are defined as positive triangular fuzzy number

    Examining the Impact of Innovation Forms on Sustainable Economic Performance: The Influence of Family Management

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    The aim of this research is to explore the effect that innovation, as a potential source of sustained competitive advantage and firm growth, has on the achievement of sustainable economic performance. In particular, this paper empirically examines the influence of four innovation forms (intramural R&D, extramural R&D, product innovation, and process innovation) on firms’ sustainable economic performance, considering the moderating effect of family involvement in management. To test the hypotheses, random-effects regression analyses are applied to a longitudinal sample of 598 Spanish private manufacturing firms throughout the 2006–2015 period. The results show a negative effect of intramural and extramural R&D on sustainable economic performance and a positive effect of process innovation on sustainable economic performance. Moreover, a reinforced relationship between process innovation and sustainable economic performance is also revealed when family involvement in management acts as a moderator. The findings make several contributions to research and practice

    Tipo de contrato y empleo en el ciclo económico, 1987-1996

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    En este artículo se estudia el ajuste de plantillas en la economía española en el período 1987-1996. El objetivo consiste en analizar cómo la dualidad entre contratos de duración determinada y contratos indefinidos ha influído en la naturaleza e intensidad del ajuste de empleo durante la última crisis económica. Para ello se utiliza la Encuesta de la Población Activa y una muestra de empresas procedente de la Central de Balances del Banco de España. A lo largo del período considerado, se observan comportamientos muy dispares del empleo fijo frente al temporal. Sorprende la intensa reducción de empleo fijo, realizada por las empresas tanto para adaptarse a la caida en la producción como para flexibilizar sus plantillas. En el trabajo se proporcionan algunas explicaciones de los hechos constatadosThe paper studies the work force adjustment in the Spanish economy over the period 1987-1996. The objective of the paper is to analyse how the duality between fixed-term contracts and idefinite contracts has influenced the nature and intensity fo the labour adjustment during the last economic crisis. To carry out this study, the Survey of Active Population was used as well as a sample of companies obtained from the Business Performance information Office of the Bank of Spain. Throughout the period considered it can be observed a very different behaviour between indefinite and temporary employment. It comes as a surprise the great reduction in regular jobs, carrried out by companies to adapt themselves to the fall in production as well as to have a more flexible work force. This paper puts forward some explanations of the facts here statedPublicad


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    El presente texto pretende relacionar algunas líneas y rutas de análisis como aportes al debate que viene resurgiendo en Latinoamérica en torno al tercer componente no desarrollado de la modernidad: La Fraternidad. Para ello se hará referencia al concepto desde una dimensión política, propia de la modernidad y a la propuesta de la filosofía franciscana.AbstractThis text aims to connect some lines and routes of analysis as contribution to the debate which is reappearing in Latin America around the third non-developed component of modernity: Fraternity. That is why it will be approached from a political dimension, which is proper to modernity and the proposal of Franciscan philosophy

    Contaminación acústica y salud

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    This essay looks into the issues and facts of what is currently known as the most common urban pollution: noise. Nowadays, noise is a most disturbing agent in urban life, specially in large Spanish cities and in Spanish tourist resorts. Many leisure-productive activities liberate various energy types, to a greater o lesser extend. Noise is but one of those freed energy types, which can harm audition skills, cause psychological stress and even undervalue real state properties.En el presente artículo se estudia y valora la realidad introducida por lo que ha dado en denominarse como la más característica de las contaminaciones urbanas: el ruido. Éste es en nuestros días un agente perturbador de la vida ciudadana y muy especialmente en las grandes ciudades y zonas turísticas españolas. Muchas de las actividades productivas y de ocio, comprenden procesos que en mayor o menor cantidad liberan energía de distintas formas. El ruido es una manifestación de esas energías liberadas, que puede dañar el oído humano y afectar el estado psicológico, así como rebajar el valor de las propiedades

    Do theoretical physicists care about the protein-folding problem?

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    The prediction of the biologically active native conformation of a protein is one of the fundamental challenges of structural biology. This problem remains yet unsolved mainly due to three factors: the partial knowledge of the effective free energy function that governs the folding process, the enormous size of the conformational space of a protein and, finally, the relatively small differences of energy between conformations, in particular, between the native one and the ones that make up the unfolded state. Herein, we recall the importance of taking into account, in a detailed manner, the many interactions involved in the protein folding problem (such as steric volume exclusion, Ramachandran forces, hydrogen bonds, weakly polar interactions, coulombic energy or hydrophobic attraction) and we propose a strategy to effectively construct a free energy function that, including the effects of the solvent, could be numerically tractable. It must be pointed out that, since the internal free energy function that is mainly described does not include the constraints of the native conformation, it could only help to reach the 'molten globule' state. We also discuss about the limits and the lacks from which suffer the simple models that we, physicists, love so much.Comment: 27 pages, 4 figures, LaTeX file, aipproc package. To be published in the book: "Meeting on Fundamental Physics 'Alberto Galindo'", Alvarez-Estrada R. F. et al. (Ed.), Madrid: Aula Documental, 200

    Mapping Chestnut Stands Using Bi-Temporal VHR Data

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    This study analyzes the potential of very high resolution (VHR) remote sensing images and extended morphological profiles for mapping Chestnut stands on Tenerife Island (Canary Islands, Spain). Regarding their relevance for ecosystem services in the region (cultural and provisioning services) the public sector demand up-to-date information on chestnut and a simple straight-forward approach is presented in this study. We used two VHR WorldView images (March and May 2015) to cover different phenological phases. Moreover, we included spatial information in the classification process by extended morphological profiles (EMPs). Random forest is used for the classification process and we analyzed the impact of the bi-temporal information as well as of the spatial information on the classification accuracies. The detailed accuracy assessment clearly reveals the benefit of bi-temporal VHR WorldView images and spatial information, derived by EMPs, in terms of the mapping accuracy. The bi-temporal classification outperforms or at least performs equally well when compared to the classification accuracies achieved by the mono-temporal data. The inclusion of spatial information by EMPs further increases the classification accuracy by 5% and reduces the quantity and allocation disagreements on the final map. Overall the new proposed classification strategy proves useful for mapping chestnut stands in a heterogeneous and complex landscape, such as the municipality of La Orotava, Tenerife

    Mariano Benlliure en la vida y en la obra de Juan Polo

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    Entrevista realizada al maestro escultor Juan Polo, en su casa-estudio de Fernán Núñez, con motivo de la preparación de su exposición en la Casa Museo Benlliure de Valencia, donde se le quiso honrar como último discípulo vivo del maestro valencian
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