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    Histopathologic investigation of the protective effects of omega-3 fatty acids against boric acid-induced injury in kidney and testis tissue

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    Objective: In this study, it was aimed to evaluate the effects of boric acid on rat kidney and testis tissues histopathologically. Secondly, the protective effects of omega-3 fatty acid against boric acid-induced renal and testicular toxicity were investigated. Methods: 32 wistar albino rats were divided into 4 groups as follows: Control, Omega-3 (400 mg/kg/day for 10 days), Boric acid (375 mg/kg/day for 10 days) and Boric acid+omega-3 (both drugs same dosage for same day). Kidney and testis tissues were evaluated using a scoring system based on the extent of certain histopathological changes. Results: In histopathological examination, boric acid caused significant degeneration in both testis and kidney tissues. Most evident findings were glomerular shrinkage and necrosis, hemorrhage and tubular cell degeneration in kidneys, and exfoliation of seminiferous tubule cells, detachement of epithelium from basement membrane, decreased cellularity and degeneration in epithelial cells in testis tissues. Omega-3 administration significantly attenuated these changes. Conclusion: To our literature search, this is the first study reporting protective effects of omega-3 fatty acid against boric-acid-induced testicular and renal injury
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