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    Double Pomeron Exchange: from the ISR to the LHC

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    I discuss Double Pomeron Exchange processes from their first observation at the CERN Intersecting Storage Rings, focusing on glueball searches, through the observations of exclusive chi_c, photon-photon, and di-jets at the Tevatron, to prospects at the LHC for exclusive Higgs boson production.Comment: 5 pages, no figures, talk at Diffraction 2010, Otranto, Italy (September 2010

    Fast timing detectors for forward protons at the LHC

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    I discuss the development of high precision timing detectors for high momentum protons at the LHC, and their application in studying exclusive Higgs boson production.Comment: 5 pages, talk at Workshop on Timing Detectors, Krakow, Dec 201

    Exclusive High Mass Di-leptons in CDF

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    In the Collider Detector at Fermilab, CDF, we have measured central exclusive production, p+pbar --> p+X+pbar, where X is a pair of leptons or photons and nothing else. In this talk I focus on central masses M(X) > 8 GeV/c2. We measured QED production photon+photon --> e+e-,mu+mu- up to M(l+l-) = 75 GeV/c2, and candidates for photoproduction of Upsilons, photon+pomeron --> Y(1S),Y(2S),Y(3S). I report a search for exclusive photoproduction of Z-bosons, and the status of searches for exclusive two-photons: p+pbar --> p+gamma+gamma+pbar. These measurements constrain the cross section sigma(p+p to p+H+p) at the LHC.Comment: 7 pages, 2 figures, Talk at 13th Conference on Elastic and Diffractive Scattering, June 200

    Precision proton spectrometers for CMS

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    We plan to add high precision tracking- and timing-detectors at z = +/- 240 m to CMS to study exclusive processes p + p -- p + X + p at high luminosity. This enables the LHC to be used as a tagged photon-photon collider, with X = l+l- and W+W-, and as a "tagged" gluon-gluon collider (with a spectator gluon) for QCD studies with jets. A second stage at z = 240 m would allow observations of exclusive Higgs boson production.Comment: Presented at EDS Blois 2013 (arXiv:1309.5705

    Double Pomeron Physics at the LHC

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    I discuss central exclusive production, otherwise known as Double Pomeron Exchange, DPE, from the ISR through the Tevatron to the LHC. There I emphasize the interest of exclusive Higgs and WW/ZZ production.Comment: Contribution to DIS05. 6 pages, no fig
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