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    Hermite-Hadamard, Hermite-Hadamard-Fejer, Dragomir-Agarwal and Pachpatte Type Inequalities for Convex Functions via Fractional Integrals

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    The aim of this paper is to establish Hermite-Hadamard, Hermite-Hadamard-Fej\'er, Dragomir-Agarwal and Pachpatte type inequalities for new fractional integral operators with exponential kernel. These results allow us to obtain a new class of functional inequalities which generalizes known inequalities involving convex functions. Furthermore, the obtained results may act as a useful source of inspiration for future research in convex analysis and related optimization fields.Comment: 14 pages, to appear in Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematic

    The Fractional SIRC Model and Influenza A

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    This paper deals with the fractional-order SIRC model associated with the evolution of influenza A disease in human population. Qualitative dynamics of the model is determined by the basic reproduction number, 0. We give a detailed analysis for the asymptotic stability of disease-free and positive fixed points. Nonstandard finite difference methods have been used to solve and simulate the system of differential equations

    Stability of reaction–diffusion systems with stochastic switching

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    oai:ojs.www4063.vu.lt:article/12877In this paper, we investigate the stability for reaction systems with stochastic switching. Two types of switched models are considered: (i) Markov switching and (ii) independent and identically distributed switching. By means of the ergodic property of Markov chain, Dynkin formula and Fubini theorem, together with the Lyapunov direct method, some sufficient conditions are obtained to ensure that the zero solution of reaction–diffusion systems with Markov switching is almost surely exponential stable or exponentially stable in the mean square. By using Theorem 7.3 in [R. Durrett, Probability: Theory and Examples, Duxbury Press, Belmont, CA, 2005], we also investigate the stability of reaction–diffusion systems with independent and identically distributed switching. Meanwhile, an example with simulations is provided to certify that the stochastic switching plays an essential role in the stability of systems

    Existence theory for nonlocal boundary value problems involving mixed fractional derivatives

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    In this paper, we develop the existence theory for a new kind of nonlocal three-point boundary value problems for differential equations and inclusions involving both left Caputo and right Riemann–Liouville fractional derivatives. The Banach and Krasnoselskii fixed point theorems and the Leray–Schauder nonlinear alternative are used to obtain the desired results for the singlevalued problem. The existence of solutions for the multivalued problem concerning the upper semicontinuous and Lipschitz cases is proved by applying nonlinear alternative for Kakutani maps and Covitz and Nadler fixed point theorem. Examples illustrating the main results are also presented

    Improved synchronization analysis of competitive neural networks with time-varying delays

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    Synchronization and control are two very important aspects of any dynamical systems. Among various kinds of nonlinear systems, competitive neural network holds a very important place due to its application in diverse fields. The model is general enough to include, as subclass, the most famous neural network models such as competitive neural networks, cellular neural networks and Hopfield neural networks. In this paper, the problem of feedback controller design to guarantee synchronization for competitive neural networks with time-varying delays is investigated. The goal of this work is to derive an existent criterion of the controller for the exponential synchronization between drive and response neutral-type competitive neural networks with time-varying delays. The method used in this brief is based on feedback control gain matrix by using the Lyapunov stability theory. The synchronization conditions are given in terms of LMIs. To the best of our knowledge, the results presented here are novel and generalize some previous results. Some numerical simulations are also represented graphically to validate the effectiveness and advantages of our theoretical results

    A Study of Nonlinear Fractional Differential Equations of Arbitrary Order with Riemann-Liouville Type Multistrip Boundary Conditions

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    We develop the existence theory for nonlinear fractional differential equations of arbitrary order with Riemann-Liouville type boundary conditions involving nonintersecting finite many strips of arbitrary length. Our results are based on some standard tools of fixed point theory. For the illustration of the results, some examples are also discussed
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