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    Correlated tunneling and the instability of the fractional quantum Hall edge

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    We consider a class of interaction terms that describes correlated tunneling of composite fermions between effective Landau levels. Despite being generic and of similar strength to that of the usual density-density couplings, these terms are not included in the accepted theory of the edges of fractional quantum Hall systems. Here we show that they may lead to an instability of the edge towards a new reconstructed state with additional channels, and thereby demonstrate the incompleteness of the traditional edge theory.Comment: Published versio

    Non-analytic Vortex Core and a Nonlinear Vortex Flow in Bosonic Superfluids

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    We analyze the disorder limited motion of quantum vortices in a two-dimensional bosonic superfluid with a large healing length. It is shown that the excitations of low-energy degrees of freedom associated with the non-analytic reconstruction of the vortex core [Ann. Phys. {\bf 346}, 195 (2014)] determine strong non-linear effects in the vortex transport at velocities much smaller than Landau's critical velocity. Experiments are suggested to verify our predictions.Comment: 5 pages, 3 figure