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    Draft Genome Assembly

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    This is the draft genome assembly file, courtesy of Clay Small and William Cresko

    Sample Location Coordinates

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    This file contains the latitude ("lat") and longitude ("lon") for each collection site ("site")

    Male Phenotypes

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    This file contains all of the raw male phenotypic measurements. he column names refer to the following: PopID = Population ID; ID = Individual ID; SVL = snout-vent length (mm); std.length = standard length (tip of snout to start of tail, mm); depth = body depth (measured at urogenital opening, mm); SnoutLength = snout length (tip of snout to eye, mm); SnoutDepth = snout depth (measured at midpoint of snout, mm); HeadLength = head length (tip of snout to start of gills, mm

    PLINK ped file for subset of SNPs

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    This file is the map file for the 1753 unlinked SNPs that are in Hardy Weinberg Equilibrium


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    Microsatellite data from the Viana (Portugal) Nerophis lumbriciformis population. On the first page, the unique adult genotypes are presented (used for the construction of Table 1, using GENALEX and CERVUS). The second page contains the genotypes of embryos and potential parents, including recaptures (used in PARFEX for the parentage analysis)