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    The Bishop-Phelps-Bollob\'{a}s property for operators on C(K)C(K)

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    We provide a version for operators of the Bishop-Phelps-Bollob\'{a}s Theorem when the domain space is the complex space C0(L)C_0(L). In fact we prove that the pair (C0(L),Y)(C_0(L), Y) satisfies the Bishop-Phelps-Bollob\'{a}s property for operators for every Hausdorff locally compact space LL and any C\mathbb{C}-uniformly convex space. As a consequence, this holds for Y=Lp(μ)Y= L_p (\mu) (1p<1 \le p < \infty ).Comment: 13 page

    B physics at CDF - the Beauty of hadron collisions

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    The CDF experiment at the Tevatron p-pbar collider established that extensive and detailed exploration of the b-quark dynamics is possible in hadron collisions, with results competitive and supplementary to those from e+e- colliders. This provides an unique, rich, and highly rewarding program that is currently reaching full maturity. I report a few recent world-leading results on rare decays, CP-violation in Bs mixing, and b-> s penguin decays.Comment: 6 pages, 5 figures. Write-up of the proceedings of the "Third Workshop on Theory, Phenomenology and Experiments in Heavy Flavour Physics" (Capri2010

    Observations of Cavitation on a Three-Dimensional Oscillating Hydrofoil

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    A test apparatus was designed and constructed to observe the effect of sinusoidal pitching oscillations on the cavitation of three-dimensional hydrofoils. The apparatus is capable of oscillating hydrofoils at a rate up to 50 Hz and provides for adjustments in oscillation amplitude and mean angle of attack. Observations of the effect of pitching oscillation on cavitation have been made for a NACA 64-309 (modified) hydrofoil operating at its designed mean angle of attack of 7 degrees with an oscillation amplitude of 2 degrees. Photographs illustrating the interaction between natural cavity shedding frequencies and the foil reduced frequency are included