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    Exclusive photoproduction of ϕ\phi meson in γpϕp\gamma p \to \phi p and pppϕpp p \to p \phi p reactions

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    The amplitude for γpϕp\gamma p \to \phi p is calculated in a pQCD kTk_{T} - factorization approach. The total cross section for this process is compared with HERA data. Total cross section, as a function of photon-proton energy and photon virtuality, is calculated. We also discuss the ratio of σL\sigma_{L} / σT\sigma_{T} and the dependence on the mass of the strange quark. The amplitude for γpϕp\gamma p \to \phi p is used to predict the cross section for exclusive photoproduction of ϕ\phi meson in proton-proton collisions. Absorption effects are included. The results for RHIC, Tevatron and LHC energies are presented.Comment: 10 pages, 5 figure

    Non-dopplerian cosmological redshift parameters in a model of graviton-dusty universe

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    Possible effects are considered which would be caused by a hypothetical superstrong interaction of photons or massive bodies with single gravitons of the graviton background. If full cosmological redshift magnitudes are caused by the interaction, then the luminosity distance in a flat non-expanding universe as a function of redshift is very similar to the specific function which fits supernova cosmology data by Riess et al. From another side, in this case every massive body, slowly moving relatively to the background, would experience a constant acceleration, proportional to the Hubble constant, of the same order as a small additional acceleration of Pioneer 10, 11.Comment: 5 pages. It was presented: at SIGRAV'2000 Congress, Italy (this version); in Proc. of the Int. Symp. "FFP 4" (9-13 Dec 2000, Hyderabad, India), Sidharth& Altaisky, Eds., Kluwer Academic/Plenum, 2001;in Proc. of the 4th Edoardo Amaldi Conference on GW (Perth, W. Australia, 8-13 July 2001

    Allowed charge transfers between coherent conductors driven by a time-dependent scatterer

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    We derive constraints on the statistics of the charge transfer between two conductors in the model of arbitrary time-dependent instant scattering of non-interacting fermions at zero temperature. The constraints are formulated in terms of analytic properties of the generating function: its zeroes must lie on the negative real axis. This result generalizes existing studies for scattering by a time-independent scatterer under time-dependent bias voltage.Comment: 5 pages, no figures, corrected misprints and minor changes in version

    Linear and nonlinear realizations of superbranes

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    The coordinate transformations which establish the direct relationship between the actions of linear and nonlinear realizations of supermembranes are proposed. It is shown that the Rocek-Tseytlin constraint known in the framework of the linear realization of the theory is simply equivalent to a limit of a "pure" nonlinear realization in which the field describing the massive mode of the supermembrane puts to zero.Comment: 8 pages, LaTeX + espcrc2.sty The talk given at the D. Volkov Memorial Conference SQFT, July, 25-29, 200