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    Relativity of representations in quantum mechanics

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    Only the position representation is used in introductory quantum mechanics and the momentum representation is not usually presented until advanced undergraduate courses. To emphasize the relativity of the representations of the abstract formulation of quantum mechanics, two examples of representations related to the operators aX+(1-a)P and (XP+PX)/2 are presented.Comment: 10 pages, no figures, accepted in Am.J.Phy

    Quantum mechanics in finite dimensional Hilbert space

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    The quantum mechanical formalism for position and momentum of a particle in a one dimensional cyclic lattice is constructively developed. Some mathematical features characteristic of the finite dimensional Hilbert space are compared with the infinite dimensional case. The construction of an unbiased basis for state determination is discussed.Comment: 14 pages, no figure

    Entanglement for all quantum states

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    It is shown that a state that is factorizable in the Hilbert space corresponding to some choice of degrees of freedom, becomes entangled for a different choice of degrees of freedom. Therefore, entanglement is not a special case but is ubiquitous in quantum systems. Simple examples are calculated and a general proof is provided. The physical relevance of the change of tensor product structure is mentioned.Comment: 9 page

    EPR before EPR: a 1930 Einstein-Bohr thought experiment revisited

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    In 1930 Einstein argued against consistency of the time-energy uncertainty relation by discussing a thought experiment involving a measurement of mass of the box which emitted a photon. Bohr seemingly triumphed over Einstein by arguing that the Einstein's own general theory of relativity saves the consistency of quantum mechanics. We revisit this thought experiment from a modern point of view at a level suitable for undergraduate readership and find that neither Einstein nor Bohr was right. Instead, this thought experiment should be thought of as an early example of a system demonstrating nonlocal "EPR" quantum correlations, five years before the famous Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paper.Comment: 11 pages, revised, accepted for publication in Eur. J. Phy

    Quantum diffusion on a cyclic one dimensional lattice

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    The quantum diffusion of a particle in an initially localized state on a cyclic lattice with N sites is studied. Diffusion and reconstruction time are calculated. Strong differences are found for even or odd number of sites and the limit N->infinit is studied. The predictions of the model could be tested with micro - and nanotechnology devices.Comment: 17 pages, 5 figure
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