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    A Comparative Study on Japanese and Indonesian Elementary School

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    Pendidikan dasar secara umum terbagi dalam dua lembaga pendidikan yakni sekolah dasar dan sekolah menengah pertama. Proses pendidikan yang berlangsung di sekolah dasar merupakan landasan yang sangat penting untuk proses pendidikan di lembaga selanjutnya. Tujuan yang sangat penting dari proses pendidikan di sekolah dasar adalah pengembangan otot, emosi, sosialisasi, pengenalan lingkungan,dan aspek kebahasaan. Kemudian, mulai kelas empat di sekolah dasar ,para siswa mendalami ilmu pengtahuan secara intensif. Sekolah dsar di Jepang menekankan pada pendidikan mental sehingga anak bisa lebih ulet, tabah, toleran, dan optimis dalam hidup bermasyarakat. Pendidikan moral, olah raga, ketrampilan, dan pendidikan kesejahteraan keluarga sangat penting dalampengembangan kepribadian siswa. Pelajaran matematika dan ilmu pengetahuan banyak diajarkan dengan pendekatan kontekstual di sekolah dasar di Indonesia dan Jepang. Kedua Negara juga mulai memberikan pelajaran Bahasa Inggris kepada siswa sekolah dasar untuk mengenalkan secara dini bahasa dab kebudayan bangsa lain serta mempersiapkan mereka dalam persaingan global. Melakukan studi banding terhadap kondisi pendidikan Negara lain membuat kita memperoleh informasi yang benar terhadap pencapaian kita dan Negara lain di bidang pendidikan serta membuat langkah-langkah perbaikan berdasarkan data yang terpercaya bukan kabar burung yang tidak jelas

    A Comparative Study On Anglo And Non-anglo Academic Discourse

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    This article showed that Anglo dialogic academic discourse cannot be separated from several aspects such as linear, more personal, writer responsible and focus on form. This writing convention isunderpinned by cultural tradition. Anglo community is influenced by democratic thought pattern belong to Socrates, who stressed the writing as a medium of negotiating meaning and creating knowledge and truth.. Meanwhile, the monologic discourse is found to be produced in non-Anglo communities which have no long democracy tradition. This academic discourse is characterized by impersonal tone, digressiveness, reader responsible and focus on content.. It encourages writer to use writing as a medium of showing knowledge, in which reader do not necessarily need to be guided in explicit and direct way, and assuming that they are intelligent human whom there is nothing much to be directed, guided and explained

    A Comparative Study Installation Arrangement of Primary Flight Display (PFD) in the Flight Deck's Regional Passenger Transport Aircraft

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    The Flight Deck or cockpit is designed to support the prosecution of aircraft mission. For aircraft with commercial purpose such as passenger transport aircraft, there must be good “fit” between the human, the machine which composed of various aircraft system and the aircraft mission; and these are what the Flight Deck design process needs to ensure but not limited to display design, aircraft control, automation, HCI on the Flight Deck and pilot's view to outside through cockpit windows namely external vision. The external vision must satisfy regulatory requirements which intended to ensure that the view is adequate for pilots to operate the aircraft safely and gives them a reasonable opportunity to see and avoid other aircraft that pose a collision threat. Concurrently during critical periods of flight, it is important that the flight crew access information in front of his view with minimal head rotation. Cockpit-Displays with critical flight information should then be located to these locations. Compromising both external vision and internal vision as Pilot's visibility should be attained

    A Comparative Study Between Handwritten and Computer Text Essays on Raters' Scores

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    This study aims at finding out the effect on essays presented as handwritten and as computer printed text on raters' scores and whether the length of the essays influences the scoring. Twenty one (21) sample essays were randomly selected and produced by students of English Study Program of Lampung University. The essays were presented in three different formats: handwritten, computer text in single space, and computer text in double space. This research applied one shot case study design and the data were analyzed using one way ANOVA. The result revealed that handwritten essays received higher scores than those in computer printed texts. The F-value was 5.5 while the F-table was 5.05 and the p value was 0.006. It revealed that there was statistically different mean on raters' scores. It is suggested that the future researchers to analyze the causes of presentation effect on raters scores and to apply the more valid strategies to reduce the presentation effect

    A Comparative Study of Different Teaching Strategies Based on Text Types on Students' Speaking Competency

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    This study aimed at comparing the effect of different teaching strategies based on text types on students' speaking competency. Post-test Only Comparison Group Design was applied as the research design. After the treatment sessions, post-test was administered to discover the impact of the treatments. The data obtained from the post-test were analyzed by using descriptive and inferential statistical analyses. Through descriptive analysis, it was found that the mean scores of the two samples for descriptive text were 71.63 and 73.96 and for procedure text were 74.93 and 76.80. The difference between students' speaking competency who were taught using different teaching strategies was analyzed through two-way Anova. Based on the result of the hypothesis testing, it was found that; there was a significant difference between two teaching strategies on students' speaking competency and there was no interactional effect between two teaching strategies and the text types on students' speaking competency. These findings provide empirical evidence of the importance to determine teaching strategies that suit the text types taught in speaking class. Key terms : speaking competency, speaking random club, panauricon and text type

    A Comparative Study on Spatial Configuration of Human Settlements in Riparian Area (Case Studies : Old Kampoong and Colonial Settlements in Palembang

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    Palembang is the city which is divided by Musi River. Palembang is also one of the oldest city in Indonesia. Many old settlements were built in riparian area. This geographic condition of Palembang becomes background of this research. The research questions are: what is the discrepancy between Kampoong and Colonial Settlements in spatial configuration? Does the Musi River have influence in spatial configuration on that case? This research using the space syntax analysis with the following three steps of analysis: convex map analysis, axial map analysis and visibility graph analysis. For case studies, this research names two different settlements: old Kampoong (3-4 Ulu and 10 Ulu) and Colonial settlements (Komperta Plaju and Komperta Bagus Kuning) and we use Kampung Kapitan (7 Ulu) for the comparation. As the result of this research shows that between Kampoong and Colonial Settlements have some discrepancies in spatial configuration. In Kampoong, they have a small ‘void space', many streets between houses and the organic patterns. In Colonial settlements, the spatial configuration is planned well with grid pattern. In context influences of Musi River to the settlements, only Bagus Kuning complex that has a closed relationship with rivers because those settlements have a connection between inner ‘void space' with riparian ‘void space'