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    Theoretical Computer Science and Discrete Mathematics

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    This book includes 15 articles published in the Special Issue "Theoretical Computer Science and Discrete Mathematics" of Symmetry (ISSN 2073-8994). This Special Issue is devoted to original and significant contributions to theoretical computer science and discrete mathematics. The aim was to bring together research papers linking different areas of discrete mathematics and theoretical computer science, as well as applications of discrete mathematics to other areas of science and technology. The Special Issue covers topics in discrete mathematics including (but not limited to) graph theory, cryptography, numerical semigroups, discrete optimization, algorithms, and complexity

    The risk of divergence

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    We present infinite extensive strategy profiles with perfect information and we show that replacing finite by infinite changes the notions and the reasoning tools. The presentation uses a formalism recently developed by logicians and computer science theoreticians, called coinduction. This builds a bridge between economic game theory and the most recent advance in theoretical computer science and logic. The key result is that rational agents may have strategy leading to divergence .Comment: 3rd International Workshop on Strategic Reasoning, Dec 2015, Oxford, United Kingdom. 201
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