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    The abuse of stray dogs

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    Stray animals have been suffering in the Egyptian streets from the abuse for so long. Yet, there are no solutions offered by the government to restrict this harm that those animals face everyday. This is an audio documentary about the abuse that stray dogs face in the streets of Egypt. Also, it proposes some of the solutions for reducing the abuse

    Between a Rock and a Cell Phone: Social Media Use during Mass Protests in Iran, Tunisia and Egypt

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    In this paper we examine the use of social media, and especially Twitter, in Iran, Tunisia and Egypt during the mass political demonstrations and protests in June 2009, December 2010 - January 2011, and February 2011, respectively. We compare this usage with methods and findings from other studies on the use of Twitter in emergency situations, such as natural and man-made disasters. We draw on our own experiences and participant-observations as an eyewitness in Iran (first author), and on Twitter data from Iran, Tunisia and Egypt. In these three cases, Twitter filled a unique technology and communication gap at least partially. We summarize suggested directions for future research with a view of placing this work in the larger context of social media use in conditions of crisis and social convergence

    Youth Activism and Public Space in Egypt

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    Examines youth activists' use of virtual and physical public spaces before, during, and after the January 25 Revolution. Profiles three organizations and analyzes the power and limitations of social media to spur civic action, as well as the role of art

    The Archaeology of the Egyptian Revolution and Counterrevolution. An Archaeology that Has Never Occurred

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    At the beginning of 2011, thousands of demonstrators filled the streets in the cities and villages of different countries in North Africa and West Asia, demanding the demise of the ruling authoritarian regimes. In Egypt, people forced Egypt’s president Hosni Mubarak to resign after 18 days of mass protests. Shortly after these events, many teams of foreign archaeologists were back in Egypt to continue their work on the distant past (el-Aref 2011). (Archaeological) Business as usual. This was also true for us: PhD students carrying out their research in the eastern Nile delta at that time. As archaeologists, we reflect in this essay on how we could have taken and still could take a stance in the political events that occurred in Egypt from the 2011 revolution onwards

    Speech by H.E. Amani Abeid Karume former President of Zanzibar on recent developments in North Africa; impact on the Arab World, Africa and the world at large, lessons learned

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    This is the archive of a speech on developments in North Africa given by President Karume of Zanzibar, APC's 7th President in Residence, on March 10, 2011

    Fall 2013, Real-World Democracy: an Egyptian Fulbright Scholar’s View of Events in Egypt

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