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    Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart: A Man Through Whom God Sings

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    Anthony di Bonaventura, piano, March 19, 1985

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    This is the concert program of the Anthony di Bonaventura, piano performance on Friday, March 29, 1985 at 8:00 p.m., at the Concert Hall, 855 Commonwealth Avenue. Works performed were the following by Domenico Scarlatti: Sonatas in A major, K. 533, D major, K. 145, G major, K. 13, E major, K. 162, A major, K. 209, C minor, K. 11, E-flat major, K. 371, G major, K. 201, D major, K. 29, F major, K. 446, D minor, K. 10, F major, K. 366, C major, K. 132, and A major, K. 113. Digitization for Boston University Concert Programs was supported by the Boston University Humanities Library Endowed Fund

    The piano sonatas by Harold Shapero: a stylistic synthesis

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    This research project offers an investigation into the stylistic language of the piano sonatas of Harold Shapero (1920-2013)—a twentieth-century American composer who is recognized as a member of the “Stravinsky School,” particularly for his emulation of Stravinsky’s Neoclassical style. Within its consideration of Neoclassical elements in Shapero’s work, this project looks at Shapero’s synthesis of elements and features from the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth centuries, including compositional features connected with Stravinsky, Beethoven, J. S. Bach and others. All of Shapero’s piano sonatas are considered in this study, including the Sonata for Piano Four Hands (1941), the Three Amateur Sonatas (1944), and the Piano Sonata in F Minor (1948). These piano sonatas allow for an investigation of Shapero’s stylistic features and illustrate the composer’s overall stylistic evolution. Some attention is given to connections between the piano sonatas. Shapero’s final Piano Sonata in F Minor represents a compositional culmination of his earlier sonatas, and anticipates features found in his later works

    Senior Recital

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    Rudolfs K. Zalups sheet music collection

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    The collection consists of bound volumes and loose sheet music published in the late 1920s through the late 1970s. Music includes piano pieces as well as music in English, French, German, Latvian, Polish, and Russian. Find this collection in the University Libraries\u27 cataloghttps://digitalcommons.georgiasouthern.edu/finding-aids/1119/thumbnail.jp

    Program notes: Senior piano recital

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    Senior Recital: Haley Myers, piano

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    This recital is presented in partial fulfillment of requirements for the degree Bachelor of Music in Performance. Ms. Myers studies piano with Soohyun Yun.https://digitalcommons.kennesaw.edu/musicprograms/1187/thumbnail.jp

    Unusual Beethoven Items from the Krasner Collection

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    This article details the musical scores donated as gifts to the Syracuse University Libraries on behalf of violinist and Syracuse Professor Louis Krasner. Some of the scores include first editions of Beethoven scores, but the main collection includes rare chamber music and string adaptations of music popular in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. Beethoven himself often protested about these works, claiming pianos are too far away from stringed instruments to be directly adapted
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