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    Genetics and Genomics of Infectious Diseases: advancing our understanding of host/pathogens and their interactions

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    A report on the Genetics and Genomics of Infectious Diseases conference, Singapore, 21-24 March 2009

    Identifying the Public’s Psychological Concerns in Response to COVID-19 Risk Messages in Singapore

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    Understanding the social-psychological processes that characterize communities’ reactions to a pandemic is the first step toward formulating risk communications that can lead to better health outcomes. This study examines comments on Facebook pages of five Singapore media outlets to understand what topics are being discussed by the public in reaction to the implemented precautionary measures in Singapore so as to infer their psychological concerns. Using Anchored Correlation Explanation as a topic modelling technique, this study examines around 10,000 comments and identifies 21 topics that are discussed. The 21 topics were categorized and organized into seven broad themes of psychological concerns. Implications for theory and practice are then discussed

    Effects of heavy Majorana neutrinos at lepton-proton colliders

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    We discuss the prospects of detecting the processes e+pνˉe++Xe^+p\to\bar\nu_e\ell^+\ell'^+X and νepe++X\nu_ep\to e\ell^+\ell'^+X (,=e,μ,τ\ell,\ell'=e,\mu,\tau) under the conditions of the present epep collider HERA and of future colliders. These high-energy processes are assumed to be mediated by the exchange of heavy Majorana neutrinos (HMN). We consider two simple scenarios for the HMN mass spectrum: the effective singlet (m1m2<m3...m_1\ll m_2<m_3...) and the effective doublet (m1<m2m3...m_1<m_2\ll m_3...). For the latter case, the cross section includes information about CP-violating phases.Comment: 5pages, 2 figures; published in conference proceedings: Particle Physics in Laboratory, Space and Universe, 11th. Lomonosov Conf. on Elementary Particle Physics (Moscow, 21-27 August 2003) (Singapore, World Scientific, 2005

    Spin light in neutrino transition between different mass states

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    The spin light of neutrino is considered in the process of a neutrino radiative transition between two different mass states in presence of medium. By this study we investigate the influence of background matter on the initial and final neutrino states in the process of massive Dirac neutrino decay due to the non-zero transition magnetic moment. We derive corresponding corrections to the total width of the process over the matter density in most important for applications cases.Comment: 5 pages in LaTex, to appear in proceedings of the 9th Conference on Quantum Field Theory Under the Influence of External Conditions (Univ. of Oklahoma, Norman, OK USA, September 21-25, 2009), eds. Kim Milton and Michael Bordag (World Scientific, Singapore, 2010

    Do Human Resource Practices, Employee Remuneration And Employee Benefits Have Significant Influence On The Retention Of Childcare Teachers In The Childcare Service Industry?

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    This study investigates the impact of human resource practices, employee remuneration and employee benefits on childcare teachers' intentions to stay in the Singaporean workforce. This mixed methods study focuses on current qualified childcare teachers, their perspectives on human resource practices, employee remuneration and employee benefits in their workplaces and their intentions regarding whether to continue working in the childcare sector in Singapore. In the first phase of the study, which was qualitative, in-depth interviews were conducted with 21 current qualified childcare teachers. In the second phase of the study, which was quantitative, 202 current qualified childcare teachers in Singapore participated in a paper-based and web-based survey. The findings indicate that childcare teachers in Singapore want to be rewarded with fair human resource practices and employee wages are not the only dominant factor on the retention of childcare teachers in the Singaporean childcare industry. This study addresses a knowledge gap about childcare teacher retention in the childcare service industry in Singapore