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    In eukaryotic cells, the trans-Golgi network (TGN) serves as a platform for secretory cargo sorting and trafficking. In recent years, it has become evident that a complex network of lipid-lipid and lipid-protein interactions contributes to these key functions. This review addresses the role of lipids at the TGN with a particular emphasis on sphingolipids and diacylglycerol. We further highlight how these lipids couple secretory cargo sorting and trafficking for spatiotemporal coordination of protein transport to the plasma membrane

    Sati: A review article

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    Difference and Diversity. (Review Article)

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    Review of Piper, H and Stronach I (eds) 2004 Educational Research: Difference and Diversity (Cardiff Papers in Qualitative Research) Aldershot: Ashgate Publishers. £45.00. IBSN 0754633551 This collection of papers on educational methodology are drawn from two conferences, ‘Realism, Relativism or Post-Modernism’ (1997) and ‘Feminism and Educational Research Methodologies’ (1999), suitably updated and with additional material. The overview and introduction are given in the final chapter, with separate text from each editor side by side in two columns. This overview is critical, even ‘rude’ (Piper’s word) so as not to seem to be 'sycophantic'..

    Review article, D. Konstan, Before Forgiveness

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    Article Review. Everyday Aesthetics by Yuriko Saito

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    Modeling Small Change: A Review Article

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    In The Big Problem of Small Change, Sargent and Velde apply a cash-in-advance model to the history of coinage and to contemporary thought about coinage. They assert that their model accounts for puzzling observations involving the depreciation and disappearance of small coins. I question its usefulness for that purpose and for other issues pertaining to coinage. My main concern is that their model does not depict the problems usually associated with full-bodied coinage systems-problems that stem from the technological difficulties of having a full-bodied coinage system in which money is portable, divisible, durable, and recognizable.

    Energy regulation in young people: invited review article

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