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    Public libraries in the social accountability of local administrations

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    This work represents a first reflection with respect to certain issues such as: - the importance of social reporting, and in particular the use of the social accountability for public libraries Italian in order to communicate more effectively on the outside their values; being generally recognized the effectiveness of the balance for the purposes of reporting, there does not seem to be any reasons why libraries should not take advantage of such an instrument; - a higher visibility of public libraries, perceived not only by the professionals in the industry, but also by the public administrations, in order to make more significant component the local librarian within the administrations of reference, as agency for change in the community and therefore of necessary service; - analysis of best practices to recognized today, in order to highlight the methodologies and the main features of some excellent Italian examples; - Proposal for a methodology of investigation, through which retrieve the information necessary for the preparation of a social accountability, based on standard can also be used in scope librarian, as ISO 2789, 11620, 16489

    The role of voluntary disclosure in listed company: an alternative model

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    The aim of this paper is to propose a model of social reporting that allows improving the communication of sociability and quantify the sociability. The research approach follows a qualitative methodology, applying a single method approach. The observations are the result of an empirical analysis carried out on the Italian-Stock-Exchange listed companies that have an independent social or sustainability balance sheet. The findings of this research are based, first, on collection of data about the sample, in order to identify the strong and weak points in terms of its management and economic evaluation, and secondly on the introduction of an alternative method of social accounting, with the objective of measuring the sociability of company communication

    I modelli di rendicontazione socio-ambientale

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    ItSOMMARIO: 2.1 Introduzione ai modelli di rendicontazione – 2.2 La rendicontazione sociale – 2.2.1 Il Bilancio sociale: definizione ed evoluzione storica – 2.2.2 Criticità del Bilancio sociale – 2.2.3 I modelli di redazione del Bilancio sociale – Il modello GBS - Il modello IBS - Gli standard internazionali SA8000 ed AA1000 - 2.3 La rendicontazione ambientale – 2.3.1 Il Bilancio ambientale – 2.3.2 Il Rapporto ambientale - 2.4 I modelli di rendicontazione della sostenibilità – 2.4.1 La Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)

    Modelli e spunti per la rendicontazione sociale delle biblioteche pubbliche

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    This paper is focused on the value of social accountability in public libraries. After a previous work centred on Italian situation, with this one we've tried to understand the state of social accountability in American public libraries and to compare it with the Italian one. During this work we've found a new interesting initiative from the Public Libraries Association: the Project Outcome that is based on the importance of the evaluation of libraries' impact starting from the users and on their involvement to define the real value of a public library in its context

    Le biblioteche pubbliche nella rendicontazione sociale degli enti locali

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    Questo lavoro rappresenta una prima riflessione rispetto ad alcune tematiche quali: – l’importanza della rendicontazione sociale, e in particolare dell’utilizzo del bilancio sociale per le biblioteche pubbliche italiane al fine di comunicare in modo più efficace all’esterno i propri valori; – una visibilità maggiore delle biblioteche pubbliche, percepita non solo dai professionisti del settore, ma anche dalle pubbliche amministrazioni, al fine di rendere più significativa la componente bibliotecaria locale all’interno delle amministrazioni di riferimento, in qualità di agenzia del cambiamento per la comunità e pertanto di servizio necessario; – l’analisi delle best practices a oggi riconosciute, al fine di evidenziare le metodologie e le caratteristiche principali di alcuni eccellenti esempi italiani; – proposta di una metodologia di indagine, attraverso la quale recuperare le informazioni necessarie alla redazione di un bilancio sociale, basata su standard utilizzabili anche in ambito bibliotecario, quali ISO 2789, 11620, 16489


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    This paper should be seen in the broad research field that analyses the impact of ICTs on public accountability reports with the objective of understanding whether the institutional websites of public administrations are qualifying and privileged carriers for social reporting and which models they use to draw up their documents. Our analysis refers to the public entities of the Italian regional capital cities that provide the highest number of services for their local communities: municipalities and hospitals. Our research assumption is that, for larger-sized public entities, websites should be the main channel used to meet the accountability expectations of stakeholders, and therefore they are the place where the highest degree of sensitivity to reporting should be observed. The empirical analysis revealed that the approaches to social reporting differ significantly in terms of formal structure, content and communication strength. The analysis seems to suggest that the awareness of the importance of social reporting is still rather scarce, occasional and, in many cases, detached from the criteria set for public accountability processe

    Monitoraggio finanziario e rendicontazione degli interventi cofinanziati dal FSE-POR Campania 2000-2006

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    Il report ha il fine di descrivere le tematiche occupate e le attivita'  svolte durante il periodo di stage. Il project-work ha riguardato il monitoraggio finanziario degli interventi finanziati con le misure afferenti al Fondo Sociale Europeo
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