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    European Principles Governing National Administrative Proceedings

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    It is critical that the process of developing general principles of Community administrative law continue, notwithstanding the marked diversity of supranational administrative proceedings. Because Community law has traditionally been focused on activities relevant to the common market, an asymmetry between the regulation of market-related administrative proceedings and other types of administrative proceedings has developed

    Claiming Spaces: Proceedings of the 2007 National Maori and Pacific Psychologies Symposium 23rd-24th November 2007

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    This is the full conference proceedings of Claiming Spaces: Proceedings of the 2007 National Maori and Pacific Psychologies Symposium 23rd-24th November 2007

    Innovations in Civil Engineering for Society and the Environment

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    Proceedings of The 4th International Conference of Euro Asia Civil Engineering Forum 2013 (EACEF 2013), National University of Singapore, 26-27 June 201

    European Administrative Proceedings

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    Cassese discusses the third strategy of administrative integration, mixed or composite proceedings in which both Community and national authorities participate. Cassese analyzes how the common element takes root in the national part of the proceeding, what the national and supranational parts consist of, and the extent to which they remain distinct or appear instead as a single unit

    Science for drought: proceedings of the National Drought Forum

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    Science for drought contains proceedings of the National Drought Forum held in Brisbane in April 2003. Papers deal with: - drought aspects associated with climate variability and climate change - systems research and analysis - systems management and interventions - plant and animal breeding and management for drought. - with additional contributed papers from agricultural scientists working with climate variability. This volume describes the science behind seasonal forecasting with its potential and current limitations. it shows how this information can be used to minimise the effects of drought, and is therefore invaluable to makers of government policy and to managers of natural resources and primary production

    A dependency look at the reality of constituency

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    A comment on "Neurophysiological dynamics of phrase-structure building during sentence processing" by Nelson et al (2017), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 114(18), E3669-E3678.Comment: Final versio

    Report on parallel proceedings

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    Report of a Working Group considering the problems that arise from parallel proceedings, particularly in City fraud cases, within the national jurisdiction and ways in which those problems could be addressed. The Working Group was chaired by George Staple QC
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