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    Total Quality Management as a Philosophy to Improve the Performance of the Academic Organization

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    Purpose: The purpose of this study is to examine the role of total quality management as a philosophy for improvement in the academic organization, as it represents a necessary trend in developing the activities of many organizations in the light of globalization and the challenges that these organizations face, in order to bring about fundamental developments, and the use of that philosophy as an effective means towards customer satisfaction and meeting his requirements.   Theoretical framework: Total quality management is regarded as one of the contemporary concepts that concentrates on a set of administrative principles; if it has been applied in organization, it will succeed in achieving quality.   Design/Methodology/Approach: To achieve the objectives of the study, a questionnaire of 60-item has been used. The sample comprised 65 academic staff members from various parts of the organization. According to the purpose of the study, two main hypotheses were formulated. A set of statistical method  of spss vr.24.  has been used.     Findings: It is concluded that supporting and adopting the total quality will be fruitful as a successful business philosophy for the continuity by creating appropriate requirements and conditions.   Research/Practical/Social Implications: Establishing the desire towards change by following the best by individuals and adopting stimulus programs that reinforce their ability to realize cognitive new ness.   Originality/Value:  The value of the study is that the organization's interest in the social aspect and its adoption confirms the organization's adaptation to the requirements of society

    The Influence of Audi Fees in the Nexus Between Corporate Sustainability Engagement and Earnings Management

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    Purpose: This study aims to examine the relationship between corporate sustainability engagement and earnings management and the function of audit fees in that relationship.   Theoretical framework: Sustainability reporting and earnings management may not be applicable or generate the same outcomes due to differences in societal values, culture, and development levels between developed and developing countries, which emphasises the need for this study to focus on Bangladesh, an emerging market.   Design/methodology/approach: This research employs content analysis to determine the magnitude of the sustainability activities for 2010 to 2020 of the banking sectors of Bangladesh. Additionally, this study uses discretionary accruals as a proxy for earnings management.   Findings: According to the results, there is a significant positive relationship between corporate sustainability engagement and earnings management, with audit fees serving as a moderator in the negative direction. According to these findings, high audit costs are likely to compel bank executives to submit high-quality financial reports and restrict their use of sustainability activities to management opportunism.   Research, practical and social implication: The study's findings should concern researchers and corporate authorities interested about managers' earnings management aspirations. The findings will immediately impact academics and decision-makers in countries with similar financial and governmental systems.   Originality/value: According to sustainability reporting studies, disclosures have been driven by the need to calm concerns about a company's authenticity. This paper acknowledges the need for increased audit fees for quality auditors, but it argues that rigorous audit procedures are more important for raising financial disclosure standards.

    Quantifying and Explaining Machine Learning Uncertainty in Predictive Process Monitoring: An Operations Research Perspective

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    This paper introduces a comprehensive, multi-stage machine learning methodology that effectively integrates information systems and artificial intelligence to enhance decision-making processes within the domain of operations research. The proposed framework adeptly addresses common limitations of existing solutions, such as the neglect of data-driven estimation for vital production parameters, exclusive generation of point forecasts without considering model uncertainty, and lacking explanations regarding the sources of such uncertainty. Our approach employs Quantile Regression Forests for generating interval predictions, alongside both local and global variants of SHapley Additive Explanations for the examined predictive process monitoring problem. The practical applicability of the proposed methodology is substantiated through a real-world production planning case study, emphasizing the potential of prescriptive analytics in refining decision-making procedures. This paper accentuates the imperative of addressing these challenges to fully harness the extensive and rich data resources accessible for well-informed decision-making

    Constructing a Theological Framework That Revitalizes the Missional Nature of Churches of Christ in South Australia

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    This thesis addresses the need for a theological framework that revitalizes the missional nature of Churches of Christ in South Australia. The problem identified within this ministry context was a lack of clear theological principles that informed a common understanding of identity for missional engagement. The purpose of the project was to create a study guide that informs common theological commitments and grounds congregations for missional vitality. A research and development team made up of seven Church of Christ ministers from different backgrounds was assembled to design a curriculum that addressed the problem. Through eight two-hour sessions over four months in the first half of 2022, the team discussed a theological framework that could revitalize mission. This was informed by a Trinitarian theological rationale introduced as perichoresis. The conceptual framework for discussions included (1) the historical and theological foundations of Churches of Christ, (2) a Trinitarian doctrine of God presented as perichoresis, (3) contemporary congregational practices, and (4) a theological proposal for re-imagining mission. The team developed a study guide that promotes a dynamic theological framework for practicing theology and revitalizing the missional nature of the church. The artifact, Movement & Identity: Participating in the Life of God’s Mission, was evaluated by the team and members of Church of Christ congregations in South Australia. The curriculum is designed to assist participants with practical theological interpretation through (1) discovering new ideas about God in the context of Churches of Christ traditions, (2) engaging with contextual theology in community, (3) participating in God’s mission, and (4) reflecting on how God’s agency transforms the church. The development of the study guide will stimulate a practical theological framework that promotes dynamic theological dialogue and missional vitality for Churches of Christ in South Australia

    BEYOND THE MYTH: Screenwriting Approaches to Biographical Films

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    This PhD submission comprises an original screenplay on the relationship between African American activist Paul Robeson and the mining community of south Wales titled Robeson: They Can’t Stop Us Singing, and the accompanying exegesis. The aim is to explore, by academic study (gnosis) and creative practice (praxis), the previously overlooked field of writing biographical films, or biopics, and to acknowledge the role of the screenwriter in telling a person’s life story on film. The script is the experiment; the exegesis is the analysis and methodology. The role of the screenwriter is underrepresented across cinema studies, but no more so than in the discussion of biopics. My exegesis begins by exploring what academic and popular writing already exists on English-language biopics, highlighting that amidst auteurist approaches prevalent in cinema studies, little credit has been afforded to screenwriters. I seek to address this by examining how screenwriters have responded to historiographical and socio-political contexts while balancing the needs of the audience with factual integrity (or sometimes not), before using the case studies of Abraham Lincoln and Charles Lindbergh to explore how American hero figures have been represented on screen. How does a script written on Lincoln in 1939, for example, differ in terms of tone and political philosophy to one delivered in the 21st century? Using historical approaches, the exegesis then examines the life of Paul Robeson and the Welsh miners he knew, to observe the meticulous choices required by the screenwriter researching and writing a biopic script. Using primary sources (interviews with living dramatic writers, including the BAFTA-nominated screenwriter of the biopic, Good Vibrations) and secondary sources (screenplays, films, audio, interviews, other academic writing), I question where and when to begin and end a biographical story, which parts of a person’s life to include or jettison, how to make a historical figure’s events pertinent to a contemporary audience, and how to utilise fictionalised elements in a drama while adhering to a central truth. My own screenplay on Robeson and Wales is the embodiment of this research. The script demonstrates the myriad artistic decisions that need to be made to present the qualities and flaws of the historical figure. It shows why fictionalised moments and composite characters contribute to an understanding of a real person’s motives and feelings in a way documentary and historical writing cannot. And it stands as a record of the screenwriter’s previously overlooked contribution to creating biographical films

    Public service management model as antecedent for citizen satisfaction and fiscal policy.

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    Purpose: The study of citizens' perceptions of the performance of public services and their relationship withthe taxes allocated to them is of great interest in the context of public and fiscal management and the welfarestate. This study has a twofold objective in defining a structural equation modeling (SEM) model: on the onehand, to measure the relationship between the perception of the performance of public services and the taxesallocated to them and on the other hand, to study the reflection of the perception of the performance of public services on the happiness and satisfaction of citizens. Design/methodology/approach: To achieve this objective, a descriptive cross-sectional study was carriedout based on data from the "Public opinion and fiscal policy, 2022" questionnaire of the Centro de Investigaciones SociolĂłgicas (CIS) through a survey with a sample of 2,543 citizens representative of the Spanish population. The partial least squares (PLS) method was applied to test the following hypotheses. Findings: The result of this research allows us to know which variables in relation to citizens? perception of the functioning of public services have a positive influence on use of taxes and on citizens' happiness and satisfaction. Originality/value: One of the novelties of this study is to analyse the effect of consumer perception on the performance of public services from the perspective of the welfare state by improving citizens' happiness and satisfaction

    Centella asiatica (L.) Urb: A comprehensive bibliometric analysis of published studies between 1857 and 2022

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    Centella asiatica (L.) Urban (C. asiatica) is a medicinal plant that generates terpenes, phenols, vitamins, minerals, polyacetylene and fatty acids among other phyto-constituents. This review focuses on the bibliometric analysis of 1164 documents on C. asiatica that were retrieved from the Scopus database. Harzing Publish or Perish and VOSviewer were used for citation and network analyses. According to the bibliometric analysis, publications are on the rise, particularly in the fields of pharmacology, toxicology and pharmaceutics, medicine, biochemistry, genetics and molecular biology, agricultural and biological sciences, and chemistry. "Phytoremediation", "secondary metabolites", "Andrographis paniculata", and "cognitive impairment" are emerging areas for C. asiatica research. However, currently there is a lack of international collaboration in C. asiatica research among contributing countries. Researchers can utilise the findings cited in this reiew to locate potential collaborators, top authors, countries and documents

    Do Catholics have an external locus of evaluation? Inauthentic experiences of Catholic guilt in the pursuit of self-forgiveness

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    This two-part mixed methods study investigated emotional response to transgression and selffor-giveness in Catholic individuals in concert with locus of evaluation orientation following a hypothe-sis that Catholics may be particularly unable to find self-forgiveness in the teachings of their reli-gion. Study 1 was a qualitative semi-structured interview with a sample of 20 practicing Catholic participants. Questions focused on the emotive experiences of selfforgiveness and transgressions and the contribution that Catholic practices (prayer and reconciliation) make to the process. Data were analysed using thematic analysis which supported evidence of Catholic guilt but suggested that there may be some inauthenticity and insincerity with which penitents' approach reconciliato-ry practices. Study 2 used a sample of 239 Christian participants in groups of Catholics and Christian non-Catholics. Participants responded to two psychometric questionnaires: the Heartland Forgiveness Scale, and the Locus of Evaluation Inventory. Followed by two additional questions pertaining to self-forgiveness experiences, and one question requiring participants to prioritise types of forgiveness. The results found no difference between Catholics and non-Catholics in their response to self-forgiveness or locus of evaluation orientation. However, in non-Catholic Christians but not in Catholics, the frequency of religious practice correlated with higher total forgiveness and its subscales (including self-forgiveness), with more internal locus of evaluation, and with lower self-regard, suggesting that church attendance does not relate to the propensity for self-forgiveness in Catholic individuals

    Application of fuzzy controllers in automatic ship motion control systems

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    Automatic ship heading control is a part of the automatic navigation system. It is charged with the task of maintaining the actual ship’s course angle or actual ship’s course without human intervention in accordance with the set course or setting parameter and maintaining this condition under the effect of disturbing influences. Thus, the corrective influence on deviations from a course can be rendered by the position of a rudder or controlling influence that leads to the rotary movement of a vessel around a vertical axis that represents a problem, which can be solved with the use of fuzzy logic. In this paper, we propose to consider the estimation of the efficiency of fuzzy controllers in systems of automatic control of ship movement, obtained by analysis of a method of the formalized record of a logic conclusion and structure of the fuzzy controller. The realization of this allows to carry out effective stabilization of a course angle of a vessel taking into account existing restrictions
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